Thursday, 15 August 2013

Upcoming Reviews

Here is a quick rundown of the main reviews that can be expected to show up in the next few months, this list does not include the blog's bonus material such as the upcoming 5" Line Retrospective and other reviews of past merchandise.

Follow the links on the left to pre-order the following items!

  • Ace - Underground Toys (FPI/FP)
  • 5th Doctor and Dalek - Toys R Us
  • 7th Doctor and Renegade Dalek - Toys R Us
  • SFX Dalek Guard from the Chase - Underground Toys (FPI/FP)
  • SFX Special Weapons Dalek - Underground Toys (FPI/FP)
  • The Pyramids of Mars Priory Set - Underground Toys (FPI/FP)
  • 1:6 Limited Edition Fourth Doctor - Big Chief Studios
  • 1st Doctor and Supreme Dalek - Toys R Us
  • 3rd Doctor and Invisible Dalek - Toys R Us
  • 4th Doctor and Dalek - Toys R Us
  • 8th Doctor and Dalek - Toys R Us
  • 2nd Doctor in Fur Coat with Diorama Background - Toys R Us
  • The Daemons Set - Underground Toys (FPI/FP)
  • The Claws of Axos Set - Underground Toys (FPI/FP)


  1. Wow, I never realised that much stuff was getting released! Hopefully there might be a couple of other things too. I look forward to all of your reviews!

  2. can't wait to get most of these and can't wait to see your reviews of them just some questions though: how do you know that the talking daleks wave 2 is coming out in semptember and how do you know that the 2nd doctor is a TRU exclusive and is coming out in october/november along with the rest of the doctor/dalek 2 packs?

    1. I think the SFX Daleks are due out either this month or the next. Most likely next month. That's what I've heard.

      Whoop, the 2nd Doctor should be in the December/January section. Fixed that now! :D

      The last few are meant to be out towards the end of the year so I averaged it out as most likely October/November time.:)

  3. Have you done:
    10th Doctor& Dalek
    2nd Doctor & Dalek
    6th Doctor and Dalek

    and will you do the 9th Doctor and Dalek

    1. Nope, haven't reviewed those. Only because the 2nd and 6th are re-releases of figures I have already reviewed. The only alteration is to the Emperor Dalek Guard and it is such a minimal improvement that it isn't worth a whole video.

      I shan't be purchasing the 9th, 10th or 11th sets. At least not for the time being. :)

    2. You said you were only doing classics, so why not the 9th or tenth? They're classed as classics now. And even if I do hate rose, if there are classic sets for the 9th and 10th I think you ought to get them. I suppose I can understand why you're not getting the 6th and 2nd.

    3. I'm afraid I, and a great deal of others, do not class 9 and 10 as classics regardless of how the BBC now market them. They're still the revised series.

      I did get the 2nd, I just won't be reviewing it for such a subtle difference. :)

    4. Mm. Fair enough then.

    5. have you got Ace yet? She's in my Forbidden Planet already!

  4. Nice Lineup!
    Ace is something i cannot wait for!It will go nicely on my Remembrance of the Daleks Shelf which i will also be getting the Renegade Dalek from the 7th Dr and Dalek(I didn't buy the Original Renegade Dalek when i had the chance)
    I'm utterly shocked at SWD getting a SFX Release!I didn't think they could rerelease due to it being a exclusive...Shame i didn't know about it a month ago when i bought my SWD for £55.
    3rd Doctor set is a definitive buy for me since they cancelled the SFX Stealth Dalek
    8th Doctor set is a possible buy because a figure based off the comics is rare
    and 5th Doctor set is a maybe(For the Doctor with Hat and the Dalek can go with my Resurrection set)
    2nd Dr and Furcoat is something i may get but if it really is a TRU exclusive i might not get it as my nearest TRU is miles away in Braehead

    1. Yeah there's some really cool stuff coming out. Cannot wait for Ace!

  5. we need a two doctors set. the two doctors shockeye and a sontaran

    1. I'd love Shockeye, but I doubt it would happen sadly. I think a Sontaran with big gun from that story might be likely. Maybe packaged with a grey haired Troughton? I'd like to see a 6th Doctor in his summer wear from that episode too!

  6. Hi Batmanmarch,

    I'm really looking forward to your reviews! Of the Dalek/Doctor two packs, I'm only getting Eccleston, Smith, McGann, Davison and possibly Pertwee or Tom, but not Tennant, Hartnell, Troughton, Colin or McCoy... I'm looking forward to Ace coming in the post from FPI!!! I've seen the Fendahl set on BBC Shop for a great £19.99, should I get it? I don't have any Leela figures and I'm trying to get Classic companions at the moment! I only have new series companions (you'll probably cringe at that lol)...

  7. it would be nice to see a classic sarah jane maybe from the hand of fear with the hand or with Eldrad

  8. Hi batmanmarch.
    I'm really looking forward to Ace coming!!! I've heard rumours floating around about a Classic companions set?

  9. hey batmanmarch i really like your reviews. can you do some new series reviews? Because you do have some in your collection!