Thursday, 8 August 2013

New Toys R Us Doctor/Dalek 2 Packs due end of August

The second lot of two packs are available to pre-order from Toys R Us and are due at the end of the month. Stay tuned for reviews of the 5th and 7th Doctor sets coming soon!

The 5th Doctor is a new variant featuring his Season 21 costume with panama hat. The Dalek is also a variant, with a lighter colour scheme and orange dome lights (the one pushed out of the window)
The 7th Doctor is a new variant, the cream jacket minus hat, and the Renegade Dalek now features improved shoulder mesh and an eyestalk.
The 9th Doctor is another new variant featuring his black jumper, along with a new Dalek in the deco of the Emperor Dalek's Guard.

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  1. I'm getting the 5th Dr set for the Doctor and the 7th Dr set for the Dalek(To Complete my Remembrance of the Daleks shelf).I was hoping the 9th Dr Set Dalek would have had one of the Different suckers that the Emperor's Guards had.