Sunday, 26 February 2017

Doctor Who Action Figure Review: 12th Doctor from 'The Girl Who Died' (5")

I take a look at the new 12th Doctor figure from 'The Girl Who Died'. Special thanks to Character Options and Evolution PR for sending a preview sample of this figure.

Stay tuned for more reviews from the Collectors Series range!

Doctor Who Action Figure Review: 12th Doctor 1:6 Scale Limited Edition -...

With the sad announcement that Peter Capaldi will be leaving Doctor Who at the end of the year, I take a look at Big Chief Studio's 12th Doctor figure from series 8.

Doctor Omega's Parallel Adventures: The Silent Planet - Review

I take a look at something that's not quite Doctor Who but sort of is at the same time... It's Doctor Omega's Parallel Adventures - The Silent Planet! A brand new audio adventure featuring Doctor Omega and written by Doctor Who author John Peel!

Special thanks to Who Dares Publishing for sending me a copy to review! You can order the CD here.