Friday, 28 March 2014

Doctor Who AFA 8th Doctor Season 3: Part One - Trailer

The first half of the final season is on the way, next Saturday in fact! The final season continues with 5 new episodes. As the Dalek threat looms, the Doctor and the Time Lords prepare themselves for a mighty conflict the likes of which the universe has never seen. Can the Doctor stop the battle before events get out of hand?

Tune in on the 5th April!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

8th Doctor Season 3 Update

The first half of the season is coming very soon! Full details in the video!

Updates from Big Chief Studios

Big Chief have been updating their Facebook page these last couple of weeks with some great sneak peeks at their upcoming figures. We've already seen their 11th Doctor Dynamix Figure, but now they've released the first behind the scenes picture of their upcoming 1st Doctor figure. Just the unpainted headsculpt for now, by my goodness it looks fantastic! A spot-on likeness for William Hartnell. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the figure turns out and what bits and pieces he'll be released with!

Finally a behind the scenes image of their upcoming Weeping Angel was released on the 6th, and it looks very intriguing! From what can be seen it looks as if the figure will have interchangeable heads and arms to create a variety of weeping and screaming poses. The arm of a Cherub can also be spotted, suggesting one of those (or more?) will come as an accessory. The figure appears to come with some form of base that appears to be soil or earth of somesort. Very interested to see more of this!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Doctor Who - 8th Doctor Season 3 Behind the Scenes: Here come the Drums!

The drums of war are getting closer! In fact, editing on War Drums has concluded! Another story ready and waiting to be released soon!

I must apologise that I have been very silent the last week or so, the reason for that was very much down to editing. War Drums is a single 18 minute episode, however due to the content of the story there was a ton of special effect work that needed to be done. I'll be honest, it was far more than I anticipated. I intended to have this story concluded by the 2nd, but sadly I was unable to hit that deadline. It's those Dalek dome lights, they're a nightmare.

For your enjoyment I have released a few images from the finished story, and I apologise for the Windows Media Player bar across the bottom, but they are behind the scenes pics after all! Along with these I am very pleased to announce the addition of Jonathon Carley to the cast! Jonathon is playing... well you'll just have to stay tuned for that one...

Back on Gallifrey, the Castellan prepares the troops! Inspired by the more heavy metal, arse kicking warrior Time Lords seen in The Day of the Doctor, Gallifrey now has a proper set of warriors to do battle with the Daleks. Don't worry though, the traditional Chancellery Guards are still staying put! 

What's this? Star Wars vs Doctor Who? No, those aren't B-Wing fighters attacking Dalek Saucers! Those are Bowships! 

Despite rotoscoping elements of the Mill's impressive CGI work, alas my own space battles aren't so impressive. But suspend your disbelief as the TARDIS works its way through the Dalek blockade. 

That's it for now folks! Stay tuned for more news and info over the coming weeks! I've said it before, but the trailer will now even more likely be out in April! So it's not long! That's giving me time to get editing on The Treasure of Mars, which will begin tomorrow! I'll have a proper date for you as soon as possible!