Saturday, 26 April 2014

Doctor Who AFA 8th Doctor Season 3: The Treasure of Mars - Part One

The Iccccce Warriorsssssss have returned! The Doctor and Emily go in search for a segment of the Key to Time and have the blade of King Raagrath in their sights, but with the Daleks also after the Key, who will reach the treasure of Mars first?

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Doctor Who AFA 8th Doctor Season 3: War Drums

The Daleks are back! Gallifrey is under the threat of invasion and only the Doctor can stop them! But what does Davros have planned, and what will it mean for the rest of the universe?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Big Chief Studios Round-Up

It's been a busy month for Big Chief Studios, top on the list has been the recent release of a new image of the upcoming First Doctor figure. At the moment we can see that the figure will come with his monocle, cloak as seen in An Unearthly Child amongst other stories, his walking stick that he obtained in Marco Polo and used throughout his tenure, and his spectacles which were often used throughout the series, The Rescue immediately springs to mind. There will no doubt be more accessories added to that as the figure nears its pre-order date.

Following on from that are updated pictures of the Weeping Angel figurine, which appears to utilise interchangeable parts in order to create the various versions of these popular monsters. Greggo's impressive paintwork is a particular highlight in bringing these statues to life. 

Big Chief also provided an update on their upcoming Sherlock figures, which are due for release later in the year. The following image is of the current production pieces of Sherlock and Watson, although it has been noted that the final products will have slight alterations to them. 

Finally, the Fourth Doctor Limited Edition figure has been reduced to £149.99 only for April. So if you are still on the fence about ordering, now is the time to do so! You can order the figure here

Along with the Fourth Doctor, Big Chief also had very few left over stock of their hugely popular Tenth Doctor figure, thanks to people who have cancelled their orders. These few remaining figures sold out almost immediately, so chances are the only way to get this release in the future will be by paying  utterly ludicrous prices on ebay.

More updates on the First Doctor and Weeping Angel figures as they come. 

K-9 slippers exclusive to ThinkGeek

These are actually really fun, but annoyingly they are only available from the US. Be prepared for high shipping costs and possibility of handling/custom fees if buying online.

"Affirmative, master!"
A pair of K9 slippers will keep your feet warm and fuzzy. Officially-licensed Doctor Who merchandise. Great for watching Doctor Who marathons.

We love dogs. And we love robots. And when you cram a robot into dog form, it makes us happier than watching an Ewok get pwned by a plasma grenade. Yeah… that happy. Whether its Aibo, Muffit II, or Goddard, we loves ‘em all. Especially K9. Possibly because he’s the only robot dog we know who can play fetch with a Sonic Screwdriver. We’re not sure. But we like him. So there.

And now you can have TWO of him for your feetsies. With embroidered details, these K9 units feature a collar and a blank felt tag. Although the ears have something in them that makes them stand up, they’re not quite poseable, but we suggest you make the noise and turn them while you pretend. That’s what we did. Plus, with a no-slip bottom, these K9 units will keep you on your toes.

Outer is 100% polyester. Keep away from fire. Sponge clean only. Imported.
The S/M fits Ladies’ size 5-7.
The L/XL fits Ladies’ size 8-10.

Bobble Heads from Ikon Collectibles

US based company Ikon Collectibles is now producing a range of Doctor Who bobble heads. The first two items revealed are the First Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness. Both look pretty good, but with the added TARDIS Hartnell is the favourite! The Hartnell one also features lights for the TARDIS.

Seems odd that the BBC would take the license away from Bif Bang Pow, who were making similar products, just to give them to someone else.

At present these are only available in the US.

Toys R Us Flash Sale - Doctor/Dalek packs reduced to £12.99

For those of you have been unable to pick up Toys R Us' exclusive Doctor/Dalek packs, you can now purchase them at a reduced price of £12.99. However, the only sets still available are the First, Fourth and Eleventh Doctors. It seems that the highly sought after Eighth and Third Doctor sets are gone for good, unless you're lucky enough to find them at your local store.

Spend over £29.99 and get free delivery.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Doctor Who AFA 8th Doctor Season 3: The Sirens of Axos - Part Two

Axos has returned, but how? With the Doctor and Grace in the clutches of Axos, it is up to Emily and the Brigadier to find a solution to the siren's song that is consuming humanity...

Special thanks to Thomas Chapman, Chris Clark and Philip Lawrence/AFT Downloads.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Doctor Who AFA 8th Doctor Season 3: The Sirens of Axos - Part One

The Doctor is back and the Axons aren't far behind! With help from the Brigadier, and a surprise encounter with Grace Holloway, the Doctor must trace the source of a mysterious signal that is placing all those who hear it into comas...

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The War Doctor figure no more?

Lot's of reports going around that the War (Other) Doctor figure is all but sold out from online retailers with no more to be produced! According to The Doctor Who Site FPI are out of online stock and is now completely sold out. A range of US retailers are also sold out.

With no more of these sets being produced (for now at least), the best place to look would be your local Forbidden Planet to see if they still have any more of this chappy on the shelves. It's that or ebay, and I'm sure their prices will be mad!

Get them before they're gone!