Thursday, 31 October 2013

Eighth Doctor and Dalek Alpha from 'The Children of the Revolution' Review!

The final Toys R Us exclusive review: The Eighth Doctor and Dalek Alpha from The Children of the Revolution (thanks, T-Rex).

So is this worth picking up? Check out the review below!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Doctor Who Action Figure Review: Third Doctor and Invisible Dalek from 'Planet of the Daleks'

Another review! This time the 3rd Doctor and Anti-Reflecting Light Wave Dalek! Another set from Toys R Us, and it's a rather good one too! Enjoy the review!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Doctor Who Action Figure Review Fourth Doctor and Dalek from 'Genesis of the Daleks'

The fourth Doctor and Dalek from Genesis of the Daleks. Does it hold up to the rest of the sets from wave three? Find out below!

Coming soon: The Third Doctor and Invisible Dalek Review

Release Schedule for the Rest of the Year

October has been a pretty busy month for Doctor Who figures, Ace, the Priory Set, and now the final set of Toys R Us exclusive two-packs. However there are still plenty of other bits and pieces due out over the next few months, so here is a rundown of the ones that we know and are still unsure of:


SFX Special Weapons Dalek (Forbidden Planet International/Forbidden Exclusive)
SFX Daleks Wave Two (No pre-order info as of yet)
Big Chief Studios Tenth Doctor 1:6 Figure (Limited and Signed Editions)
Big Chief Studios Fourth Doctor 1:6 Figure (Limited and Signed Editions)


Claws of Axos Set (Forbidden Planet International/Forbidden Exclusive)
The Daemons Set (Forbidden Planet International/Forbidden Exclusive)

I hope to be able to bring you all reviews of the figures/sets listed in red when they are released. (Note: I am only reviewing The Chase Dalek Guard from Wave 2 as that's the only one I intend to purchase)

UPDATE: The Second Doctor in Fur Coat with Diorama Background and the Eleventh Doctor and Snowman from The Snowmen has now been cancelled. Apparently the Character Options boss put their foot down. However, Al Dewar has said he has another option for the Second Doctor figure, so fingers tightly crossed...

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Doctor Who Action Figure Review: The First Doctor and Supreme Dalek from 'The Daleks' Master Plan'

The first in a series of four reviews taking a look at the remaining classic series releases from Wave Three of Toy R Us' exclusive Doctor/Dalek 2-packs. Starting the ball rolling is the First Doctor and Supreme Dalek from The Dalek's Master Plan.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Big Chief Studios Fourth and Tenth Doctor 1:6 Scale Figures - Final Production

Big Chief have just released these excellent pictures of the finished production portraits of their upcoming Fourth and Tenth Doctor figures.

As you can see both are impressively sculpted and have retained the excellent paint jobs from the prototypes. The Fourth Doctor encapsulates that sombre mood from his early Philip Hinchcliffe/Robert Holmes stories very well.

Stay tuned for a review of the Fourth Doctor later in the year.

Final Doctor/Dalek Toys R Us sets online... Sort of...

Toys R Us have finally added the remaining exclusive Doctor/Dalek sets to their site after starting to appear in stores. The only issue with this is that you cannot order them for home delivery as they are 'Out of Stock'. Damn it all to Hades! So close and yet so far! I'm sure it won't be long until they do turn up, and I have signed up for their update service so I shall let you all know when they do appear!

The 3rd and 8th Doctor sets definitely take the crown as the best from these eleven sets (even if one is based on a comic book). I just wish they'd have given Hartnell his darker, smaller chequered trousers. Ah well, the Dalek is lovely. We've been waiting for a standard 60s Supreme Dalek for years! The 4th Doctor set is the most disappointing. Seriously, the third time this version has been released and they still haven't fixed the waistcoat and cravat?!

Will you be getting these sets? Which are your favourites? Sound off below!

UPDATE: They came and went in seconds! The sets were available earlier this afternoon for a few minutes before the were out of stock again! McGann and Pertwee went just as I was about to check out. So I've managed to secure myself a Hartnell and a Baker. No idea as to when they'll be despatched, but I'll keep you all posted for the imminent reviews...

Classic Sonic Screwdrivers now have Classic Sounds!

So after we paid £25 for the Pertwee and Baker Sonics, the bloody things get re-released at over half the price! Still it's a kick in the teeth for those who bought the re-releases earlier in the year as they now feature two extra sounds! So that's four in total and two are from the classic series!

The sounds are as follows:
Low Frequency
High Frequency
Door Opening sound from Inferno
Mine Activator sound from The Sea Devils

Hopefully all of these sounds will turn up on the Fifth and Eighth Doctor Sonic Screwdrivers also due for a release.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

A huge thank you to everyone who donated

The biggest of thank you's to everyone who donated and helped spread the word, and of course to Kat for taking the time to make all of this a possibility. I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without her. I was totally gobsmacked by the whole thing. I cannot thank you all enough.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Final Doctor/Dalek Packs turning up in Toys R Us stores across the UK

The last remaining packs are making their way into Toys R Us stores. Unfortunately there is no sign of them on the Toys R Us website, but with the figures appearing in stores it is unlikely to be long before they show up online.

The final sets consist of the following:

First Doctor (original re-release) with Supreme Dalek - The Dalek Master Plan
Third Doctor with Invisible/Spray Painted Dalek - Planet of the Daleks
Fourth Doctor (duffle coat/slight variant) with Dalek and removeable gun - Genesis of the Daleks
Eighth Doctor with Dalek Alpha - Children of the Revolution (comic book)
Eleventh Doctor with Dalek Strategist

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Big Chief Studios Sherlock figures - Pre-Order Information

Big Chief Studios' upcoming releases of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from the hit BBC series Sherlock went up for pre-order today. The 200 Signature Edition pairs went up at 6pm and sold out within 20 minutes! That's rather incredible! The unsigned pairs went on pre-order at 9pm, with single releases going on priority pre-order tomorrow, signed editions at 6pm and standard at 9pm. General pre-order takes place at 6pm on Friday 18th October.



1 x Sherlock Holmes Head Portrait featuring an Authentic Likeness of Benedict Cumberbatch
1 x Scarf
1 x Woollen Effect Trench Coat
1 x Tailored Suit Jacket
1 x Pair of Tailored Suit Trousers
1 x Tailored Shirt
1 x Pair of Gentleman’s Shoes
1 x Pair of Sock Tubes (Partial)
4 x Interchangeable Gloved Hands
4 x Interchangeable Hands
1 x Display Base


1 x Violin with Bow
1 x Note Pad
1 x Pen
1 x Magnifier
1 x Smart Phone
1 x Wristwatch
1 x Human Skull
1 x 221B Flat Interior Printed Card Backdrop
1 x Autograph Plaque hand-signed by Benedict Cumberbatch
1 x Acrylic Plaque Stand



1 x Dr. John Watson Head Portrait featuring an Authentic Likeness of Martin Freeman
1 x Black Shooting Jacket
1 x Sweater
1 x Pair of Denim Jeans
1 x Plaid Patterned Shirt
1 x Pair of Hi-top Boots
1 x Pair of Sock Tubes (Partial)
8 x Interchangeable Hands
1 x Display Base


1 x Laptop with Flip-up Screen
1 x Pistol with Removable Magazine Clip
1 x Mug with Military Crest
1 x Smart Phone
1 x Torch
1 x Wristwatch
1 x Walking Stick
1 x 221B Flat Interior Printed Card Backdrop
1 x Autograph Plaque hand-signed by Martin Freeman
1 x Acrylic Plaque Stand

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Doctor Who Action Figure Review: The Pyramids of Mars Priory Set

"Now, I bring Sutekh's gift of excellent toys... to all humanity."

Yes, it's finally here and it's brilliant! Take a look at the review below for the full lowdown!

Monday, 14 October 2013

8th Doctor Series 3 Update - I Need Your Help!

Hi all, for the last few months I have been relatively silent regarding the status of the third and final series of 8th Doctor adventures. I am now ready to spill the beans as to what as been happening and where everything is going next...

R3 Data Recovery Testimonial

Here is a short testimonial video for R3 Data Recovery who, after many weeks of battling with my damaged hard drive, managed to retrieve the data I required to carry on making my Doctor Who videos.

Please check out their site by either following the link to the right or following the link provided in the description bow of the YouTube video below.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Masters of the Universe Classics: Castle Grayskull - Production Model

A little bit behind on this one, but I know there aren't many MotU fans who peruse this page; Scott 'Toyguru' Neitlich has posted a video of the final Castle Grayskull playset from the classics line. The video speaks for itself. It's incredible. The paint job is fantastic and it is going to look insane when displayed. I cannot wait to take my collection of the shelves and display them in some massive battles for the Castle!

Fingers crossed this should arrive in time for christmas (what an epic christmas morning that'll be) and I may even review it. Just because it's so super special an amazing.

Of course if you're a Doctor Who fan, this could work perfectly with your Linx and 3rd Doctor!

Check out the vid below for more info!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Sutekh's Gift of Death is on the way!

With all the Missing Episode excitement, this has slipped past most! The Pyramids of Mars: Priory Set has now been dispatched! So if you ordered your set from Forbidden Planet International you should be getting your dispatch emails as we speak! I cannot wait!

Stay tuned for the review this coming Tuesday!

Lost now Found! The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear returned at last!

With rumour and speculation zipping about all over the place, the BBC finally revealed during their press conference yesterday, that all remaining episodes of The Enemy of the World and episodes two, four, five and six of The Web of Fear had been discovered in Nigeria gathering dust.

This is, of course, a monumental find. The Enemy of the World joins the ranks of one of the very few surviving full Patrick Troughton stories, and The Web of Fear is so near to that title too. The find of The Web of Fear is particularly important, given it's inclusion of the Yeti and the Great Intelligence, the latter of which has re-appeared in the latest series. Coincidence? Behind the scenes plot? Who knows, either way I am totally psyched to watch these episodes over the weekend. My brother was desperate for us to watch them together, but sadly that's not going to be possible, so instead we're going to try and watch the first part of The Enemy of the World tomorrow, just to start us off. I may post our initial thoughts here, just for fun!

So does this mean we may get more in the future? Lets hope so! This is the largest find we've had since Tomb of the Cybermen back in 1992. So maybe we can live in hope that more black and white classics are sitting around waiting to be found.

The news of this find has been everywhere, and the BBC have wasted no time in getting these episodes out to fans. Both stories are available to download on iTunes for £9.99 each, with The Web of Fear including a telesnap photo reconstruction of episode three.

The BBC also announced the DVD release dates, and the covers of both stories. The Enemy of the World is scheduled for the 22nd of November at the Doctor Who Celebration, with a general release on the 25th. The Web of Fear is scheduled for release on the 24th of February.

The BBC Shop also have a limited edition version available to pre-order, which includes a limited edition T-Shirt. You can pre-order this version and the standard versions by following the ad link on the right.

As if that wasn't enough, Doctor Who Magazine have two variant covers that also feature the big news.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Doctor Who: Missing Episodes Revealed Tonight

Later this evening the BBC will announce the newly discovered lost episodes of Doctor Who's early years. From what we can gather there have been episodes featuring both William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton returned to the BBC's archives.

This rumour was floating around for quite sometime, and as of yet there is no firm indication of how many episodes have been retrieved. Some sources are stating as high as 90 episodes have been found, which I for one find incredibly hard to believe. I sincerely hope the BBC prove me wrong tonight though!

Deborah Watling and Frazer Hines will be assisting the BBC in their press announcement, where the number of episodes will be revealed along with where we can access these missing pieces of Doctor Who history.

Stay tuned later this evening, as I'll be posting the full breakdown of info, along with my thoughts and feeling on the matter.

The 8th Doctor returns to Big FInish! Three new seasons of Dark Eyes announced

Doctor Who audio drama producers Big Finish have announced three new seasons of Dark Eyes, continuing the adventures of the Eighth Doctor and Molly.

Available to pre-order now, Dark Eyes 2, 3 and 4 will be released over the course of a year, from February 2014 to February 2015, and will star Paul McGann as the Doctor and Ruth Bradley as Molly O’Sullivan.

Following on from last year's hugely popular four-episode Dark Eyes boxset, Dark Eyes 2 continues the story with the return of companion Molly O'Sullivan, the ever-malevolent Daleks and a host of other characters new and old, both helping and hindering the Doctor.

Dark Eyes can be preordered from the Big Finish website now.

Exciting news indeed! I'll be honest, I wasn't quite as keen on Dark Eyes compared to the final season with Lucie Miller, but it was very good nevertheless. I look forward to seeing what these new adventures have in store, and hopefully they'll mix it up a bit with something other than the Daleks!

What are your thoughts on these new seasons? Sound off in the comments section below!

Doctor Who: Hide - Action Figure Set

Exclusive to BBC Shop and based on the Series 7 episode Doctor Who Hide. The Doctor, Clara & ‘Dematerialising’ TARDIS!

The Doctor and Clara arrive at a haunted mansion (Caliburn House) which stands alone on a desolate moor. Here they encounter the legendary ghost hunter Professor Alec Palmer and his gifted psychic assistant, Emma Grayling. Palmer is trying to contact a fabled spirit that haunts the house – the Witch of the Well. Much to Clara’s apprehension, The Doctor can’t help but offer their assistance!

• Eleventh Doctor action figure
• Hologram Interface Clara action figure
• Dematerialising TARDIS (Non Electronic)
• 5+ Years

Follow the link to the BBC Shop on the right to pre-order yours today! Use the coupon DOCTOR1 to get 10% off.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Review Format

Hello folks, I just want to pick your brains for a moment!

If you have watched my review of Ace you may have noticed that the way in which the reviews are shot has been changed. Rather than the old format of just pointing a camera and 'go', I have started to narrate separately and shoot the footage separately. Now this reason for this is quite simple, I want them to look more professional. Having a script to follow means there is no hesitation when speaking and that it flows much more smoothly. There's none of that "Um... uh..." and it's more succinct and to the point. In terms of footage, this has also benefited. None of that zooming in and out, going out of focus, figures toppling etc.

I was quite surprised to see so many people say how much they don't like the new format and how they preferred it the other way. Personally, I cannot see what the difference is. One looks more polished is all. Everything said is exactly what I'd say the other way, just tidier.

So what do you prefer the new format or the old, and why do you prefer that particular version?

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Doctor Who Action Figure Review: Ace from 'Remembrance of the Daleks'

"Come on, Ace, we've got work to do..." She's here! After what seems like an eternity of waiting Ace has arrived! But was she worth the long wait? Find out below!

Ace is available to order from Forbidden Planet International and Forbidden

Friday, 4 October 2013

Ace has been dispatched!

I received a rather pleasant email at 10:48 this morning, informing me that Ace is on her way to my doorstep! It's been a long time coming with delays coming thick and fast, but if you have pre-ordered your Ace figure from Forbidden Planet International, then chances are you'll get a despatch email today or Monday.

I'm crossing fingers, toes and other body parts in the hope that she may, by some miracle of miracles, turn up tomorrow. It's very unlikely, but it has happened once or twice. If Ace does turn up tomorrow, then you can be sure to see the review later in the day. If not, chances are she'll turn up Monday in which case I am not here, so the review will be up Tuesday.

Stay tuned folks! I'll keep the blog updated as soon as I know what's happening!

UPDATE: Ack, no Ace! Alas, Dorothy McShane did not appear in the post today. This means she ought to be here Monday. Stay tuned for the review later on Tuesday!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fancy having some nightmares? Well then this Joker Life-Size Bust is for you!

Sideshow Collectibles have just released images of their upcoming life-size Joker bust... and it is creepy...

Here's the full press release:

"The deliriously deranged Clown Prince of Crime has returned to wreak his batty brand of mayhem! Sideshow is proud to add Batman’s crazed arch-nemesis, the Joker, to our acclaimed collection of DC Comics Life-Size Busts.

Capturing Mr. J’s distinctively dapper style, we’ve fitted him in colorful layers with a tailored fabric dress shirt, oversize bow tie and jacket. While he has no sleeves to keep his tricks, beware the silk flower on his lapel. There’s no telling what danger, whether Joker venom, toxic poison – or perhaps mere water – it might conceal.

They’ve brought shocking depth and realism to the criminal mastermind’s chillingly maniacal grin and gleeful gaze with a meticulous paint application, glossy acrylic eyes and lifelike teeth. The Joker Life-Size Bust presents Gotham City’s raving lunatic in all his glory, truly an impressive and imposing addition to any collection!

The Joker Life-Size Bust will be priced at $699.99, with payment plans available for as low as $105.00/month. Keep an eye on the Sideshow Newsletter this Thursday, October 3 for pre-order availability and information!"

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Mugs - BBC Shop

The BBC Shop have launched a range of exclusive mugs to celebrate 50 years of our beloved show. Each mug features one of the Doctor's silhouettes packed with images from their tenure as the Time Lord. The back of the mug also features that Doctor's first and last spoken line on television. £9.99

I think they're brilliant! It's very much like Bif Bang Pow's tumblers, but at a more affordable price and with the addition of a quote. I may have to pick up one or two of these!

You can order yours now by following the ad link to the BBC shop on the righthand side. Spend over £20  and get 10% off your order plus FREE UK Delivery. Enter the code DOCTOR1 under ‘redeem a promotion code’ at checkout, but be quick as the offer ends on 11th October.

Doctor Who Classics: Figures We'd Like to See - Heroes - The Seventh and Eighth Doctors

Time to finish off this series with a look at our remaining Doctors and companions. Not many to speak of here, so let’s go and take a look!

Companions/Supporting Characters

So she could have been put with old Sixie, but I’ve always seen her more as Seven’s companion. I think the best bet for this one is to do a Dapol and release her pink and blue outfits. A few little sculpt tweaks and repaint. Package her with a Tetrap, that would be awesome! I know people won’t be queuing for this one!


Well it would be nice to let Eight have someone to call his companion on the toy shelf. Sadly this little lady is caught up in all sorts of embargos and copyright spiel. Learn from the BBC’s mistakes, don’t partner with other networks as it just causes merchandise impossibilities. The obvious variation is the grey coat and pink blouse. Sadly there’s next to no re-release opportunities, making this an even less likely figure.

The Brigadier
Ah yes, from Battlefield. A real must have for me. Perfect for posing with the later Doctors, and I’m sure certain fans would get a real buzz putting this one with Doctors Nine to Eleven. Release him with the Destroyer, that would be marvelous!

Chang Lee
Again, never going to happen! But it would be nice to fill up the Eighth Doctor era on our toy shelves. Could easily come packaged with the Master in either his Terminator gear or ceremonial robes.

Sabalom Glitz
Shared between Doctors Six and Seven, I’ve add him here to even out the articles! I’m sure some readers have no idea who this chap is, but he appeared in several episodes of Trial of a Time Lord and Dragonfire. This space Del Boy in space would make for an interesting addition, and I for one would be pleased to see him. Packaged with Drathro or the Dragon itself!

So that’s it! Not many companions or supporting characters to mention. Now in an ideal world I would add Charley Pollard, and my personal favourite, Lucie Miller to the list. Heck, I’d even add Izzy and Destrii! Sadly I know these figures are totally off limits. Perhaps that’s a list for another time.

Seventh Doctor

Solemn Hatted Head
There’s no need to even explain this one, it’s obvious why we need it to happen.

Duffle Coat
Well this is another of those “We know it’s been sculpted” figures. Originally planned as part of the second 11 Doctors Set, this would be a nice addition. Packaged with Haemovores  or the Ancient One. Lovely!

TV Movie
My brother is going to hate me for adding this one (he has some bizarre vendetta against this outfit as it’s not his ‘proper’ TV costume) but for the rest of us who are less petty, this would be an excellent release. Only seen once, but favoured my many. Not sure how it would be released. Perhaps with a variant of the Eighth Doctor?

This one could have two releases with a repaint of the tie to match the particular seasons. Would be a really cool one to show off the jumper detail.

Tartan Scarf
Although there has already been a Time and the Rani version released, that was just a repackaged Seventh Doctor from the Imperial Dalek two pack. So how's about a real one this time? Just repaint the scarf, simple enough! 

A repaint and a head/hand swap. Okay, so he'll be slightly too tall, but it didn't stop them swapping the heads with five and six. 

Eighth Doctor

Dark Eyes
Since Big Finish used this outfit on their CD cover, people have been desperate for this figure. Now I’m of mixed opinions on this costume. It’s grown on me since I first saw it, and it does suit McGann… but it’s too much like Nine’s. I like my Doctor’s to be individuals, and the idea that McGann adopted leather, which carried over to Hurt, which then was left to Eccleston… well it’s all a bit much. Still, the canonicity of this outfit remains dubious. So unless the 8th Doctor turns up in the 50th wearing it, this one’s open for interpretation. Too much tooling to ever happen!

Not actually seen in the film, but seen in many publicity photos. This one seems to be a keen choice with customisers and no doubt an easy retool.

Comic Book Version Two
The same as we have coming in the Toys R Us two-pack, but with no cravat and an open shirt. Too much new tooling sadly.

There we have it, the end of this particular line up of articles. Perhaps I’ll do monster/companions from other media in the future, I’m sure there are plenty people would love to see. Sadly with the line slowing down and talk of the classic slipping into the 3.75” line, many of the characters mentioned these last number of weeks will never make it to the toy aisle. Until next time folks!