Saturday, 30 May 2015

Doctor Who 5" Collector Series - What We Know So Far

Yesterday was quite an info dump as Al Dewar took to Twitter to reveal news about upcoming releases, particularly the longtime discussed Collector Series.

First things first, no Classic figures. Yeah, that's a kick in the nads to everyone who was clinging to the earlier hope of Jamie, Sarah, Tegan, Ainley Master and a 70s Silurian. Unfortunately plans change and sadly the Classic characters don't sell as well as contemporary Who. So please excuse me while I go and cry in a corner *Sobs and wails inconsolably*.

Okay, *sniff* now that's out of the way lets look at what we might get, I say might because as ever it may not been 100% green lit. So we could see figures of the new Ice Warrior and Zygon designs seen in series 7 and the 50th anniversary special as well as the most recent design of Cybermen. Variations of Clara may also become available as well as a number of other monsters from series 6 - 7, I say 6 -7 simply because 1 - 5 are pretty much covered. I hope that the 8th Doctor in his Night of the Doctor outfit may also get a look in, after all that was from the New Series! You know what I'm saying Character? Maybe a Curator? Okay, maybe that's pushing it.

But wait, what about the 12th Doctor? Well apparently its a no there too. Hmmm, that's rather peculiar. This also explains why I didn't mention series 8 in the previous paragraph, just in case current series characters aren't on the table. That would be very weird, but perhaps CO don't wish to put up too much competition with their 3.75" line. However, a recent post from the guys at WhoNA said that they were pretty sure a 5" Capaldi was on the way but they weren't able to say more, so I would very much guess that this would be our SDCC exclusive for 2015. As ever this is just me surmising, I could be talking nonsense.

Finally there's a new Flight Control TARDIS (yes, 5" scale) coming exclusive to Toys R Us in the UK. This is a new version of the 11th Doctor's FC TARDIS featuring all of the lights from the previous 10th Doctor model and also includes an illuminated 'PULL TO OPEN' door sign and comes in a different shade of blue to the previous version (sans the authentic lights). This is brilliant news! Finally, a decent model for the 11th Doctor's TARDIS! I would guess this features the interior from The Snowmen, but again - why not the 12th Doctor's TARDIS? Very peculiar, but that's a very easy fix for customisers.

So that's all we know for now, but it's going to be interesting to see what happens next with the Collector Series and what we'll end up getting. Maybe if it's successful enough they'll creep a Classic monster or two into the fray, after all we were never going to Classics or Classic companions or Classic 3.75" figures. I live in hope for the time being, but here's to the future of the 5" line in some capacity.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Doctor Who: First Doctor Scene Recreations - Big Chief Studios 1:6 Figur...

Something a little different from recent uploads, a selection of scenes from the First Doctor's era using Big Chief's Commemorative Edition 1:6 scale figure!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Monday, 11 May 2015

Doctor Who for Lego Dimensions Video Game

It's the news we've all been waiting to hear since Lego announced they'd be releasing a set of Doctor Who Lego, the good Doctor will be appearing alongside Batman, The Lord of the Rings, The Wizard of Oz, Back to the Future, and a host of other franchises in Lego's upcoming video game.

The game works in a similar fashion to games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity where you purchase the game along with some little plastic stand and then you buy various mini-figures, or in this case mini-sets, that you then place on the stand to unlock the character and levels of the game. So it's going to be an expensive business just setting the game up, let alone trying to unlock everything.

The Doctor Who based set features the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, alongside K-9 and miniature version of the TARDIS as well as some kind of backdrop.

There's still no news on Lego's main Doctor Who set they announced earlier in the year, but  it shouldn't be too long before we hear some more news on what it will contain.