Saturday, 22 October 2016

New 5.5" Doctor Who Collector Series Figures

Underground Toys USA surprised us all with a flurry of announcements of new and upcoming Doctor Who figures in the 5.5" Collector Series.

First up is the 10th Doctor in his tuxedo from a selection Series 2 and 3 episodes. This is a figure that fans have wanted for years, so it's great to see it being released. It's worth noting that this figure uses The End of Time head, something that's been long overdue on 10th Doctor figures. It also features bicep articulation, something else seldom featured on 10th Doctor figures.

The 12th Doctor from The Girl Who Died is next up, featuring a new head sculpt and hoody and t-shirt combo. The figure also includes the new Sonic Screwdriver first seen at the end of the series.

FPI have confirmed that they will be receiving the 10th Doctor sometime in December and I think we can safely assume that the 12th Doctor will also become available.

The 10th Doctor's TARDIS Playset is also getting a re-release in America where it was not widely available, so it's a great opportunity for US based fans to get their hands on the best Doctor Who playset ever made. 

In other news, the 13 Doctors Set is now listed on Toys R Us' website for £99. No word on home delivery as of yet but there as been rumours that FPI will also have some sets available.