Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Final Doctor/Dalek Toys R Us sets online... Sort of...

Toys R Us have finally added the remaining exclusive Doctor/Dalek sets to their site after starting to appear in stores. The only issue with this is that you cannot order them for home delivery as they are 'Out of Stock'. Damn it all to Hades! So close and yet so far! I'm sure it won't be long until they do turn up, and I have signed up for their update service so I shall let you all know when they do appear!

The 3rd and 8th Doctor sets definitely take the crown as the best from these eleven sets (even if one is based on a comic book). I just wish they'd have given Hartnell his darker, smaller chequered trousers. Ah well, the Dalek is lovely. We've been waiting for a standard 60s Supreme Dalek for years! The 4th Doctor set is the most disappointing. Seriously, the third time this version has been released and they still haven't fixed the waistcoat and cravat?!

Will you be getting these sets? Which are your favourites? Sound off below!

UPDATE: They came and went in seconds! The sets were available earlier this afternoon for a few minutes before the were out of stock again! McGann and Pertwee went just as I was about to check out. So I've managed to secure myself a Hartnell and a Baker. No idea as to when they'll be despatched, but I'll keep you all posted for the imminent reviews...


  1. I am going to get all the classics.

  2. I have got 5ths because I love the dalek! And its a nice variant of 5th to have, i'm definitely getting 3rds and 8ths, and maybe getting 1sts and 4ths, 4ths being the most unlikely at the moment.

  3. In going to get 11th, 8th and 3rd

  4. Son of a gun, I've wanted that eighth doctor one since it was announced, even called them and asked when it was coming in, sigh