Friday, 4 October 2013

Ace has been dispatched!

I received a rather pleasant email at 10:48 this morning, informing me that Ace is on her way to my doorstep! It's been a long time coming with delays coming thick and fast, but if you have pre-ordered your Ace figure from Forbidden Planet International, then chances are you'll get a despatch email today or Monday.

I'm crossing fingers, toes and other body parts in the hope that she may, by some miracle of miracles, turn up tomorrow. It's very unlikely, but it has happened once or twice. If Ace does turn up tomorrow, then you can be sure to see the review later in the day. If not, chances are she'll turn up Monday in which case I am not here, so the review will be up Tuesday.

Stay tuned folks! I'll keep the blog updated as soon as I know what's happening!

UPDATE: Ack, no Ace! Alas, Dorothy McShane did not appear in the post today. This means she ought to be here Monday. Stay tuned for the review later on Tuesday!


  1. Mine's been dispatched too!

  2. Mine's been dispatched as well, just got to hope there are no major QC issues

  3. I got my ace a month ago from the who shop