Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Review Format

Hello folks, I just want to pick your brains for a moment!

If you have watched my review of Ace you may have noticed that the way in which the reviews are shot has been changed. Rather than the old format of just pointing a camera and 'go', I have started to narrate separately and shoot the footage separately. Now this reason for this is quite simple, I want them to look more professional. Having a script to follow means there is no hesitation when speaking and that it flows much more smoothly. There's none of that "Um... uh..." and it's more succinct and to the point. In terms of footage, this has also benefited. None of that zooming in and out, going out of focus, figures toppling etc.

I was quite surprised to see so many people say how much they don't like the new format and how they preferred it the other way. Personally, I cannot see what the difference is. One looks more polished is all. Everything said is exactly what I'd say the other way, just tidier.

So what do you prefer the new format or the old, and why do you prefer that particular version?

Thanks guys!


  1. I don't mind that much. Though I don't know why but the old format felt more like you were talking to the audience as if you were in front of them. If you know what I mean.

  2. I enjoy both overall, but I must admit that I really liked the more casual informality of the old format. Even if it may seem a bit more "off the cuff," you have a style that always makes it sound informed and engaged and never clumsy. I think it's the personal, "ad-hoc" vibe the original reviews had that made it all seem more, if you will, intimate and we're all just fans enthusing over our passion.

  3. I like both versions, obviously with the new format you're trying to be professional and I for one respect that. However I can see why people miss the old format, because in those past reviews it felt that we were having a conversation with you. It allowed for unintentional funny moments like Linx falling over and you're cat getting the way. Also it was great when you discovered a cock up from the factory, and when you got excited about particularly figures like the Dapol 60's Dalek figures.
    With the new format, because it's a voice over, it feels as if the White Guardian has brought order to your reviews and it means that nothing unexpected is going to happen. However as mentioned, I respect that, as you're trying to run a respected website and the reviews are still very informative and fun, but it just feels that a bit of that fun is gone.
    That's my 2 cents anyway.

  4. yes i agree with the others the new one is more serious and the old way is more personal and humourous like with the drashig, it was funny. however i do not mind each way, go with what you want, if people unsubscribe they are not true fans!