Monday, 28 October 2013

Release Schedule for the Rest of the Year

October has been a pretty busy month for Doctor Who figures, Ace, the Priory Set, and now the final set of Toys R Us exclusive two-packs. However there are still plenty of other bits and pieces due out over the next few months, so here is a rundown of the ones that we know and are still unsure of:


SFX Special Weapons Dalek (Forbidden Planet International/Forbidden Exclusive)
SFX Daleks Wave Two (No pre-order info as of yet)
Big Chief Studios Tenth Doctor 1:6 Figure (Limited and Signed Editions)
Big Chief Studios Fourth Doctor 1:6 Figure (Limited and Signed Editions)


Claws of Axos Set (Forbidden Planet International/Forbidden Exclusive)
The Daemons Set (Forbidden Planet International/Forbidden Exclusive)

I hope to be able to bring you all reviews of the figures/sets listed in red when they are released. (Note: I am only reviewing The Chase Dalek Guard from Wave 2 as that's the only one I intend to purchase)

UPDATE: The Second Doctor in Fur Coat with Diorama Background and the Eleventh Doctor and Snowman from The Snowmen has now been cancelled. Apparently the Character Options boss put their foot down. However, Al Dewar has said he has another option for the Second Doctor figure, so fingers tightly crossed...


  1. What the Hell? 2nd Doctor furcoat and Snowmen 11th Doctor Cancelled? That's so stupid... :(

    1. I agree i was actually seriously looking forward to both sets