Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Doctor Who Classics: Figures We'd Like to See - Heroes - The Seventh and Eighth Doctors

Time to finish off this series with a look at our remaining Doctors and companions. Not many to speak of here, so let’s go and take a look!

Companions/Supporting Characters

So she could have been put with old Sixie, but I’ve always seen her more as Seven’s companion. I think the best bet for this one is to do a Dapol and release her pink and blue outfits. A few little sculpt tweaks and repaint. Package her with a Tetrap, that would be awesome! I know people won’t be queuing for this one!


Well it would be nice to let Eight have someone to call his companion on the toy shelf. Sadly this little lady is caught up in all sorts of embargos and copyright spiel. Learn from the BBC’s mistakes, don’t partner with other networks as it just causes merchandise impossibilities. The obvious variation is the grey coat and pink blouse. Sadly there’s next to no re-release opportunities, making this an even less likely figure.

The Brigadier
Ah yes, from Battlefield. A real must have for me. Perfect for posing with the later Doctors, and I’m sure certain fans would get a real buzz putting this one with Doctors Nine to Eleven. Release him with the Destroyer, that would be marvelous!

Chang Lee
Again, never going to happen! But it would be nice to fill up the Eighth Doctor era on our toy shelves. Could easily come packaged with the Master in either his Terminator gear or ceremonial robes.

Sabalom Glitz
Shared between Doctors Six and Seven, I’ve add him here to even out the articles! I’m sure some readers have no idea who this chap is, but he appeared in several episodes of Trial of a Time Lord and Dragonfire. This space Del Boy in space would make for an interesting addition, and I for one would be pleased to see him. Packaged with Drathro or the Dragon itself!

So that’s it! Not many companions or supporting characters to mention. Now in an ideal world I would add Charley Pollard, and my personal favourite, Lucie Miller to the list. Heck, I’d even add Izzy and Destrii! Sadly I know these figures are totally off limits. Perhaps that’s a list for another time.

Seventh Doctor

Solemn Hatted Head
There’s no need to even explain this one, it’s obvious why we need it to happen.

Duffle Coat
Well this is another of those “We know it’s been sculpted” figures. Originally planned as part of the second 11 Doctors Set, this would be a nice addition. Packaged with Haemovores  or the Ancient One. Lovely!

TV Movie
My brother is going to hate me for adding this one (he has some bizarre vendetta against this outfit as it’s not his ‘proper’ TV costume) but for the rest of us who are less petty, this would be an excellent release. Only seen once, but favoured my many. Not sure how it would be released. Perhaps with a variant of the Eighth Doctor?

This one could have two releases with a repaint of the tie to match the particular seasons. Would be a really cool one to show off the jumper detail.

Tartan Scarf
Although there has already been a Time and the Rani version released, that was just a repackaged Seventh Doctor from the Imperial Dalek two pack. So how's about a real one this time? Just repaint the scarf, simple enough! 

A repaint and a head/hand swap. Okay, so he'll be slightly too tall, but it didn't stop them swapping the heads with five and six. 

Eighth Doctor

Dark Eyes
Since Big Finish used this outfit on their CD cover, people have been desperate for this figure. Now I’m of mixed opinions on this costume. It’s grown on me since I first saw it, and it does suit McGann… but it’s too much like Nine’s. I like my Doctor’s to be individuals, and the idea that McGann adopted leather, which carried over to Hurt, which then was left to Eccleston… well it’s all a bit much. Still, the canonicity of this outfit remains dubious. So unless the 8th Doctor turns up in the 50th wearing it, this one’s open for interpretation. Too much tooling to ever happen!

Not actually seen in the film, but seen in many publicity photos. This one seems to be a keen choice with customisers and no doubt an easy retool.

Comic Book Version Two
The same as we have coming in the Toys R Us two-pack, but with no cravat and an open shirt. Too much new tooling sadly.

There we have it, the end of this particular line up of articles. Perhaps I’ll do monster/companions from other media in the future, I’m sure there are plenty people would love to see. Sadly with the line slowing down and talk of the classic slipping into the 3.75” line, many of the characters mentioned these last number of weeks will never make it to the toy aisle. Until next time folks! 


  1. I would especially love a Dark Eyes 8th Doctor or the Movie Master and 7th Doctor.

  2. Quite a few here i would love to see especially the duffel coat seventh doctor, bye the way i'm still expecting my ace figure from forbiddenplanet.co.uk and still haven't got it, haven't got a clue when its due, any ideas??????????

    1. She's supposed to be shipping this coming Thursday, so fingers crossed! :D The Pyramids of Mars: Priory Set is due to ship Friday 11th October, barring any delays.

  3. Can't wait to see you reviews for ace and the priority set

  4. Why no Dimensions in Time Brigadier?