Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Classic Sonic Screwdrivers now have Classic Sounds!

So after we paid £25 for the Pertwee and Baker Sonics, the bloody things get re-released at over half the price! Still it's a kick in the teeth for those who bought the re-releases earlier in the year as they now feature two extra sounds! So that's four in total and two are from the classic series!

The sounds are as follows:
Low Frequency
High Frequency
Door Opening sound from Inferno
Mine Activator sound from The Sea Devils

Hopefully all of these sounds will turn up on the Fifth and Eighth Doctor Sonic Screwdrivers also due for a release.


  1. deff getting one of these then! they needed to do this to reinvigorate them

  2. Is this the most recent re-release with the small rectangular packaging that have the classic sounds? Or is this going to happen at a later date?

  3. Where did you hear this?