Friday, 11 October 2013

Lost now Found! The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear returned at last!

With rumour and speculation zipping about all over the place, the BBC finally revealed during their press conference yesterday, that all remaining episodes of The Enemy of the World and episodes two, four, five and six of The Web of Fear had been discovered in Nigeria gathering dust.

This is, of course, a monumental find. The Enemy of the World joins the ranks of one of the very few surviving full Patrick Troughton stories, and The Web of Fear is so near to that title too. The find of The Web of Fear is particularly important, given it's inclusion of the Yeti and the Great Intelligence, the latter of which has re-appeared in the latest series. Coincidence? Behind the scenes plot? Who knows, either way I am totally psyched to watch these episodes over the weekend. My brother was desperate for us to watch them together, but sadly that's not going to be possible, so instead we're going to try and watch the first part of The Enemy of the World tomorrow, just to start us off. I may post our initial thoughts here, just for fun!

So does this mean we may get more in the future? Lets hope so! This is the largest find we've had since Tomb of the Cybermen back in 1992. So maybe we can live in hope that more black and white classics are sitting around waiting to be found.

The news of this find has been everywhere, and the BBC have wasted no time in getting these episodes out to fans. Both stories are available to download on iTunes for £9.99 each, with The Web of Fear including a telesnap photo reconstruction of episode three.

The BBC also announced the DVD release dates, and the covers of both stories. The Enemy of the World is scheduled for the 22nd of November at the Doctor Who Celebration, with a general release on the 25th. The Web of Fear is scheduled for release on the 24th of February.

The BBC Shop also have a limited edition version available to pre-order, which includes a limited edition T-Shirt. You can pre-order this version and the standard versions by following the ad link on the right.

As if that wasn't enough, Doctor Who Magazine have two variant covers that also feature the big news.


  1. This is absolutely fantastic news! I'm very exciting about purchasing these :D

    p.s it may be bad timing but what is the news on upcoming figure adventures with the eighth doctor?

  2. I'm happy with these but i would have liked power of the daleks to have been recovered

  3. The Enemy of the World is due for a release on DVD on the 25th of November. Not the 22nd.