Sunday, 27 October 2013

Doctor Who Action Figure Review: The First Doctor and Supreme Dalek from 'The Daleks' Master Plan'

The first in a series of four reviews taking a look at the remaining classic series releases from Wave Three of Toy R Us' exclusive Doctor/Dalek 2-packs. Starting the ball rolling is the First Doctor and Supreme Dalek from The Dalek's Master Plan.


  1. matt to kinda fix to eye just push down on to joint for the eye and it should stay in places till you move it age

  2. to fix the eye stork just push down the joint of the eye and it should stay in place till you move the eye stork again

  3. Great to see a supreme dalek from the 60's at last. The Doctor does use his stick in Episode 10 of the Daleks Master Plan (Escape Switch) walking around the pyramids and he wears smaller checked trousers, which are evidently worn at the end of season two. All in all a great set, I just wish they had placed the second Doctor set in this wave if you are right about the San Diego Comic Con licence expired as that figure was better suited for that two pack
    Great Review