Wednesday, 14 August 2013

MotUC Subscription 2014 - No Day of Sale for Two-Bad

So just a couple of days after singing Mattel's praises over how wonderful their Castle Grayskull looks and how I cannot wait for it, they pull a stunt of epic dick headedness. Honest to God, they should change the Matty Mattel character to a giant asshole on legs because that's what he is synonymous with.

Now I'm sure the majority who read this are thinking "What's he chatting about?", so allow me to vent my anger, frustration and my over urging need to punch these guys on the nose or boot them in the gonads, I'm not picky.

Masters of the Universe Classics are an online only collector toy line. They are not sold in stores. Imagine if the Doctor Who Classics were sold a figure per month with the odd two/three-pack or creature in and out. But you can also subscribe to the line, meaning you don't miss out on any item, which until 2014, I always have done. So what's the problem? Well the issue is that from 2013 certain figures were not being sold on their site you "have to have a subscription". Which is utter dragon droppings. Now for 2013 it didn't matter because I had subbed, but for 2014 I didn't want to sub. I do have a big post on this subject that I want to make at a later date, so this is just a brief summary. I didn't want to sub because A) the prices are very costly to keep collecting B) 2013 burnt my fingers by releasing a load of figures that I didn't have any interest in, or at least not at the prices I paid C) Despite A list characters being the whole point of the 2014 sub, there are characters who I am happy to miss because of the costly nature of the line.

I wanted one figure to finish me off. Just one. He's the Janurary figure, Two-Bad. Now I loved his character in the 2002 toy line. I've waited for them to make him since 2009. But now I cannot buy him unless I buy a subscription. So do I buy a sub and buy figures I'd happily avoid just for my precious Two-Bad? Or do I not sub and pay through the ass on ebay to get him? It's a dilemma. Anyone else would say "Bugger the figure and the line" but I desperately want that guy and I know they'll pull the same shit with other figures that year, like one of the last remaining Snakemen.

So I curse Matty Collector to the heavens and to the depths of Hell. Screw the lot of them, screw all of their backers and supporters who are so busy kissing their asses that they fail to see the shit coming out in front of them.

Are you a MotUC fan? What do you think about this? Let me know!

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