Friday, 23 August 2013

In package shots of the upcoming Doctor Who Doctor/Dalek 2-Packs from Toys R Us

Al Dewar has just released in package pictures of the remaining Doctor/Dalek sets from Toys R Us.

They all look very nice given that there are many desirable variants in the upcoming sets, more so than the previous releases. However, I cannot hide my disappointment at the 4th Doctor set. What was originally planned to be a 'Destiny of the Daleks' set, with an accurate 4th Doctor with repainted 'City of Death' scarf (see, I told you all the colours were wrong in that set!) and finally with the waistcoat decals painted on. Instead we have a variant of yet another 'Genesis' Dalek, but this time with detachable gun and a re-release of the inaccurate Fourth Doctor in duffle coat. WHY IS THAT RED TIE BACK!?! Sorry, it's a pet peeve of mine that has no real excuse as to why it hasn't be altered. The figure features a slight tweak to the paint on the Doctor's face as well as giving him muddy trousers and shoes. I guess that's emulating the start of the episode.

Other than that I am looking forward to the upcoming sets. Expect reviews of the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 8th Doctor sets in the upcoming months.

Will you get these sets? Let me know below!

Nice to see the Supreme Dalek from 'The Chase' and 'The Daleks' Master Plan', as well as a surprise return of the original First Doctor from the SDCC First Dalek/Dalek Supreme.

A pity about the inaccurate jacket sculpt, but otherwise this 3rd Doctor variant is a welcome addition to the shelves. The spray painted invisible Dalek is also a fun addition!  

Yes, well, you know my thoughts on this one...

Probably the only time we will see another 8th Doctor set. Based on the comic book costume and Dalek Alpha from 'Children of the Revolution', this is a much appreciated addition to the line considering McGann's one time on-screen appearance. 

Finally the 11th Doctor in series 7 outfit with metallic Dalek Strategist 


  1. i will be buying the 1st and 3rd doctor sets.

  2. thehostproductions23 August 2013 at 15:42

    Cant wait for these products

  3. My opinions:
    3rd Doctor:I'm getting this one.Not only do i get a stealthy Dalek i get another nice 3rd Dr
    8th Doctor:Hm...I already have the 8th Dr for the 11 Drs Set but the Alpha Dalek looks awesome so its a maybe
    11th Doctor:Finally a Series 7 Doctor!But is the Strategist different from the original one?
    1st Doctor:Nice set but it's not for me...I already have that Doctor variant and i have enough Supreme Daleks
    4th Doctor:I'm annoyed too...i was hoping for s Suicide Dalek...the Dalek's detachable gun...could maybe be useful if you wanted to make a Dalek Battlefield but this is my least favorite

  4. I will buy the classics from this wave shame you can't preorder them

  5. I will be buying:

    2nd doc
    (maybe) 3rd doc
    4th doc
    (maybe) 7th doc
    8th doc
    11th doc

  6. I want to get all of them really, but the ones I want most are:
    1st Doctor and Supreme Dalek
    3rd Doctor and invsible Dalek
    8th Doctor and Alpha Dalek