Thursday, 8 August 2013

It begins!

Hello, hello? Is this thing working? Ah yes, there you are! Welcome to the new batmanmarch reviews website! A project that has been months in the making and all thanks to my wonderful girlfriend, Kathrine (or katsonfirex as she's known on the YouTube) Kat has been slaving away trying to get this whole operation running and I owe her a huge deal of thanks. None of this would be possible without her. Should you come to enjoy this site/blog please offer your thanks to her! I'm just sticking my face and name on it, not unlike a George Foreman grill.

So what is this site all about? Well it is a hub for my reviews of Character Options classic Doctor Who toys for one, but it is mainly for things you won't see on my YouTube channel! Yes, all exclusive to here! Reviews of Doctor Who toys and merchandise from days long gone! A retrospective on the 5" New Series figures as well as reviews of both them and the 3.75" line! Other toy lines like Masters of the Universe, Batman, Marvel Legends, Star Wars, Big Chief Studios and more!

I'll also be posting merchandise news as it becomes available as well as adding my own thoughts to the mix! Somethings will be videos, others written articles! It shall be a mixed bag of all things toy related with Doctor Who at the top of the pile!

Should my reviews sway you into purchasing these lovely products, please use the links provided at the sides to go to these sites and order your goods! The more people who do that means I could get a teeny cut from the sales, which means I can fund new content on the site as well as hopefully getting goodies from the companies themselves. I should stress that I am also aiming to get some exclusive content from certain parties on the blog, but I need your support to push their interests even further! So please keep returning, tell your friends, spread the word, and I may have nice extras to share with you guys for it!

That's enough chat from me! If you would like more information then look no further than the video below where I shall explain in even greater detail! Stay tuned for regular updates and I look forward to seeing you all here!


  1. Great site, I'll be a regular visitor!

    What are your thoughts on the Figurine Collection that starts at the end of August?

    I bought the Doctor, Clara, Ice Warrior and Cyberman figures, opened them up, but I thought they were horrible! As a "mature" :P collector, it made me realise it's the detail that really attacts me to the line. So I sold them.

    And now the figurines are very tempting... smaller, yes, but the detail looks great, especially the new Ice Warrior!

    1. Thanks, Peter!

      I think the figurines look really nice. It won't be something that I will collect, but I'm interested to see what gets released!