Thursday, 15 August 2013

Human Nature/Family of Blood Review

Jonathan and I are back! We're taking a look at this highly acclaimed episode from 2007, which neither of us had seen for many years. So what did we think? Check out the video below!


  1. You were right. Paul Cornell only wrote this story and Father's Day.

    1. Such a pity, he's an excellent writer. I really hope he comes back!

  2. Was'nt it only the second time in Dr Who history we were treated to an invisable spaceship ? (Unfinished Shada being the point in case)

  3. I think the punishments at the end took on a more mythological or apocryphal metaphysical aspect which tied in with a more godlike view of the Doctor - it paralleled the Jesus film where Christ is offered the temptation of living as a human and marrying Mary Magdelene etc (reflected in that moment with Joan and John Smith). The Doctor gave them eternal life, but one that was in punishment.