Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New Doctor Who Costume items from Lovarzi

After the success of their fourth Doctor scarf, Lovarzi are releasing a range of other items that took me very much by surprise.

First off is the Seventh Doctor's jumper. It looks like an extremely good match! My costume expert (Jonathan) informs me that it is one row too long, this is no doubt due in part to McCoy being such a teeny chap that this replica has opted to be a bit larger to fit the average person. Other than that it is very impressive and is the first officially licensed jumper since Dapol's back in the late 80s/early 90s.

Next, and something that certainly got my brother in a dither of excitement, is a replica of the Seventh Doctor's scarf. It seems to be pretty much spot on from my untrained eye and my brother wants to know where to send his money so he can get his hands on one! 

There is mention of the Seventh Doctor's handkerchief too, but no images. If it was his later brown one, my brother would have a fit of excitement. 

Finally we have the Fourth Doctor's scarf from Season 18. Now this is where I start getting excited! Since I had my season 12 and season 16 scarves knitted I have been desperately trying to source the correct wool to have a season 18 version made. Sadly it's been very hard to come by and is incredibly pricey. But thanks to Lovarzi I can have one at a cheaper cost! Made from a synthetic version of the same material, this scarf looks pretty spot on in terms of colour (I resisted the initial fourth Doctor scarf as the colours weren't the right shades in places) However the only downside to this replica is that it is only 3ft/ 3.96m in length and 10” (28cm) wide. Nowhere near the correct length! Darn! So I will probably buy two and take off two sets of tassels and stitch the scarves together, making a far more accurate Season 18 scarf. 

Are you going to order any of these items? Let me know below! 


  1. As my brother has said I am very excited by these items. The pullover is extremely good. There is however one row too many and also 6 question marks in between the pockets instead of 7, but nevertheless an impressive looking pullover. The scarf is also very accurate. Not sure about the greenish tint in the swirls but other than that a great replica! Looking forward to seeing the hankie!

  2. Oh dear, didn't realise there were too many question marks too! Haha! I think the scarf is pretty dead on. I spent most of sunday staring at that bloody paisley pattern and I think the colours are correct.:)

    1. Well as you said Sylvester is a small man. Hey bats this store I went to today in Blackpool, had Doctor Who VHS pre-owned, old Doctor Who magazines, displays with more Doctor Who toys than I think you had. Also autographs from Frazier Haines. Colin Baker etc. Finally I would love to get the Sylvester jumper,scarf and maybe Tom's scarf. P.S. There is a Fourth Doctor hat coming out.

  3. I really would love to get both seventh doctor items as I'm a huge fan of the McCoy years.

  4. I'll definitely get the season 18 scarf, but Seven's jumper is also tempting.

  5. I bought the season 18 scarf but was a little disappointed by it. It was far too thin and not chunky enough. Thankfully got my friend to knit one for me and it's pretty good!