Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sutekh's gift of death due in October - 'Pyramids of Mars: Priory Set'

At last, the long awaited second set from 'The Pyramids of Mars' is now up for pre-order!

  • Marcus Scarman with target co-ordinates (who on Earth thought we'd get a toy of him?!)
  • Sutekh with light up eyes 
  • Sarcophagus with holographic time tunnel effect
  • The last two remaining canopic jars (the other two were released with previous Osirian Robots)
  • Osiran Missile Rocket 

Yeah, a cardboard pyramid rocket! How awesome is that?! Loving the *bzzzt* effect eyes on Sutekh too! Cannot wait to get my hands on this, looks like a ton of fun!

If you plan on pre-ordering this item, please use one of the Forbidden Planet links to the right! 


  1. I'm definitely considering getting this set just so i can get the Sutekh.The nice thing about this set is we get the Sarcophagus and War Rocket which can be easily be used as scenery in Stop Motion.The thing about Marcus is that Pictures of him were leaked in Feburary...Oh and from what i heard he has a detachable head so you can stick the jackal head on him

  2. Yeah it's a really great set, can't wait to get it! Let's hope there are no delays with this one!