Friday, 9 August 2013

Doctor Who: The Monster Collection DVDs

A new collection of DVDs are being released that collects classic and new series Doctor Who stories in one set based around particular monsters and villains. A neat way of getting some new viewers into the original series by utilising the episodes of characters they are familiar with. £39.99

Order through the BBC Shop link on the right and receive 10% off during August using the code RP0813

The Monster Collection: The Daleks
The Daleks are the most feared race in the entire universe. The hideous mutant creatures contained inside almost indestructible casings conquer and exterminate wherever they go…
The Daleks is a seven-part adventure first shown in 1963/64. Starring William Hartnell as the First Doctor, it introduced the world to the Daleks for the first time.
Asylum Of The Daleks was first shown in 2012. The Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, falls into a Dalek trap and ends up on a dangerous mission for his oldest enemies.

The Monster Collection: The Master
The Master is a dangerous, power-mad Time Lord and one of the Doctor’s deadliest foes. He brings death, danger and chaos to every story in which he appears.
Terror of the Autons is a four-part adventure first shown in 1971. This story, with Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor, introduces the Master to Doctor Who.
The End of Time is a two part-story first shown in 2009/10. It is the last story to feature the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, and sees an unstable Master unleash a deadly plan.

The Monster Collection: Cybermen
The Cybermen were once human but chose to replace all living tissue with plastic and steel. Seeing emotions as a weakness, they removed those too and now Cyber massive armies try to upgrade the universe…
The Tomb of the Cybermen is a four-part story from 1967. Starring Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor, it is set in eerie Cybermen tombs on Telos.
The Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel were first shown in 2006. The Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, falls into a parallel universe and witnesses the creation of the Cybermen.

The Monster Collection: Sontarans
The Sontarans are a short, battle-loving race from the planet Sontar. Bred for war, these cloned creatures have produced one of the most powerful armies in the universe.
The Time Warrior is four-part adventure from 1973/74 and marks the first appearance of the Sontarans in the series. Jon Pertwee stars as the Third Doctor.
The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky was first shown in 2008 and brought the Sontarans back to the new series to fight the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant.

The Monster Collection: Davros
Davros is a genius scientist responsible for creating the most dangerous races in the universe – the Daleks. Ruthless and dangerous, he is determined that his creations will always win.
Genesis of the Daleks is a six-part adventure from 1975. The Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker, is sent on Time Lord mission to Skaro to destroy the Daleks.
The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End was first shown in 2008 and saw the return of Davros to Doctor Who. The Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, needs help from old friends to defeat his old enemy…

The Monster Collection: Silurians
The Silurians lived on Earth millions of years before humans. This reptile race was forced to hibernate and lay undiscovered for years until they eventually started to wake up…
Doctor Who and the Silurians is a seven-part adventure from Jon Pertwee’s first season as the Third Doctor in 1970. It introduced the Silurians to the series for the first time.
The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood saw the return of the Silurians to Doctor Who in 2010. With an updated look, here they fight the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith.

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