Saturday, 10 August 2013

Silver Nemesis Review

Bit of a different one this time as I am joined by my brother, Jonathan! As someone who isn't fond of this story I thought it would be interesting to get the views of a McCoy fanatic, and my brother was the perfect man for the job!

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  1. I didn't really like the Neo-nazi side of the story. I don't know I just found that part a tad..boring.

  2. Great review as always, I haven't seen Silver Nemesis, and watching this review doesn't make me in a hurry to watch it either. However I disagree on how bad you think Attack of the Cybermen is, I think its great, not as good as Eartshock, but still I think it had a strong story to it, and I liked Colin Bakers acting towards them. Plus Id love your brother to come back and review other stories, it would be great!

  3. Great review! I agreed with pretty much everything u guys said!

    P.S. You guys sound almost exactly like each other.

  4. I think delta and the bannamen is the worst 7th Doctor ep

  5. It's your lovely sister-in-law. Just saw the YouTube comment re 'watch with subtitles'
    I have the following comments:
    1. I told you both you have very strong Bristolian accents - must be why it can't tell what you are saying!
    2. Alternatively, it proves that you both talk crap all the time....
    3. Best bit is around 30 mins in when the subtitles read 'Pitfalls of French Ass'
    Jonathan and I also particularly love 'Simon' the cyberman!

  6. I think Silver Nemesis was the worst McCoy story...
    You should bring Your Brother and any other Dr Who fans you know onto these review as it's nice to 2 views