Monday, 27 October 2014

Diamond Classics Regenerated 4th Doctor from 'Planet of the Spiders' and Holographic 10th Doctor from 'Blink'

Some interesting additions from across the pond, it seems that the previously exclusive 4th and 10th Doctor figures are getting a US release. Recently Underground Toys has been repackaging older figures in the 'Classics' packaging, and these appear to be the latest additions.

What's interesting is that the 4th Doctor appears to have the standard head, rather than the unique version featured in the Time Capsule set. However, early prototype images of the UK release featured the standard head before being altered. Therefore, it is currently unclear as to which head the figure will feature until we get in-package pictures.

Similarly, the holographic 10th Doctor also features an altered deco with dark 'phasing' lines running horizontally across his body.

It is unlikely that these figures will be released in the UK, and as such you'll be looking at hefty import fees for these chaps.

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