Monday, 20 October 2014

Batman the Animated Series - Wave Three Images

Newly painted prototype images of the third wave of figures based on the critically acclaimed series are now available. The wave is set for release May 2015.

First up, we have the Creeper from The New Batman Adventures. 

Secondly we have Killer Croc, who comes packaged with Baby Doll. Although I'm not a fan of Croc's redesign, they have done an excellent job with the likeness. This also marks the first time Baby Doll, a character created for the series, has been released. 

Rather surprisingly, Tim Drake's Robin comes straight after Dick Grayson's Robin was released in the previous wave. At least our wave one Batman will have a sidekick with him! 

Finally, we have Harley Quinn as she appeared in the 1992 Batman the Animated Series. She will be a perfect addition to the Joker who will be released in the previous wave.

As ever, each will come with episode specific accessories and a display stand. More info as it comes! 

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