Thursday, 2 October 2014

A classic K-9 alternative for the 5" line?

Many collectors of the 5" classic Doctor Who range were, unsurprisingly, annoyed that the release of K-9 with the season 18 Fourth Doctor was not repainted in the classic grey colour. Why was this simple change not implemented? Who knows! But for those of you who are still miffed that you don't have an accurate version of the robotic pup on your shelves, well there could be an alternative... 

Part of a new model/book series, a light-up talking version of K-9 has been released in the classic colours and in scale with the 5" figures. The head appears to be a tad larger, probably to account for the light-up eyes, but otherwise it seems to be almost exactly the same as the 5" K-9 figure. 

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