Thursday, 9 October 2014

New Doctor Who action figure reviews to come!

In my last review of the Doctor Who 5" range (Ace from Silver Nemesis) I ended by saying that my next review would be the upcoming 'Time of the Doctor Set'. However, previously unplanned and unscheduled reviews will begin as of Monday, starting with the K-9 Light and Sound Figurine from Running Press.

After that I will be reviewing figures and sets from... the 3.75" range. Yes, I did it, I caved. All will be explained in my reviews, but for now expect reviews of the following:
  • Wave Three - Twelfth Doctor
  • Dalek Patrol Ship and Pilot
  • Hide Time Zone Playset
Of course, once 'The Time of the Doctor Set' arrives I shall be reviewing that. 

So there's a lot more reviews coming than I originally anticipated, but that's not bad for you lot waiting for the next set of 8th Doctor animations! So there'll be plenty of new content on the channel over the next few months, especially as I start collecting some of the other figures in the 3.75" line. I've resided myself to cherry picking, none of this chasing variants crap. I had enough of that with the 5" line!

The question I must pose to you, faithful viewer, is would you like me to review the first wave of the 3.75" line? 


  1. Please do old 3.75" figures! Can't wait for new reviews!

  2. I am so happy that we are getting new content. I would like a review of the Cyberman figure and Clara. ��