Monday, 6 October 2014

New 7th Doctor Umbrella Replica from AbbyShot

7th Doctor cosplayers are in for a treat as AbbyShot have announced a new replica of the Doctor's famous question mark umbrella.

The description on the site reads:

The Seventh Doctor's Umbrella can save your life!

Most people think umbrellas are for shielding them from the elements, such as rain or sun or snow. Yet an umbrella can just as easily save you from a fate such as slipping off a sheer ice cliff. A more mundane, yet handy tool is the umbrella when used to measure objects.

You can do both of these tasks (although I wouldn’t suggest you try the former) with your new Seventh Doctor’s Umbrella, AbbyShot’s latest addition to their officially licensed Doctor Who Collection.

Precise measurements were taken and various elements were put together to get the most representative version of this umbrella. It’s made of metal, with solid fiber glass ribs, customized iconic handle with matching tip and black polyester fabric, all of which give it strength while still keeping one dry and passersby safe.

More than just a hat stand decoration, the Seventh Doctor’s Umbrella will be a great addition to any household!

The umbrella is $34.99 pre-order and is available here.

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