Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Big Chief Studios Update - 1:6 Scale 11th Doctor's TARDIS, 11th Doctor Stetson Portrait

Big Chief have revealed their upcoming 11th Doctor's TARDIS, complete with lights and interchangeable backdrops to reflect the series 5 and 7 console rooms. Limited to 1000 worldwide, the TARDIS is £269.99 and is due for release in June 2015. Pre-order here.

By paying in full or using one of Big Chief's payment plans, you will also receive the 11th Doctor's green trench coat from series 6.

In addition to this, Big Chief have also released an additional 11th Doctor portrait for their first figure, this time in his Stetson. At £34.99 this is the perfect addition to your trench coat that comes with the TARDIS! Pre-order here.

There have also been several updates for other products. The 1:6 scale First Doctor is now expected to ship early in January. The 1:6 Weeping Angel polystone statues are due towards the end of January, and finally the Fourth Doctor's new grinning portrait is expected in March. Just in time for my birthday!

More updates as they come!

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