Monday, 12 January 2015

Upcoming figures for the 3.75" Doctor Who range?

Last night Al Dewar spilled the beans on 2015's current line-up for the 3.75" range. As ever these aren't set in stone until there's an official announcement, but for now we should possibly hope to see:
  • Missy
  • Danny Pink as a Cyberman (no human version planned)
  • 8th Doctor (Night of the Doctor)
  • Dalek (Dalek Invasion of Earth)
  • Supreme Dalek (Planet of the Daleks)
  • 4th Doctor 
So a couple of classic Doctors have now entered the line-up (whoo-hoo!) and he also mentions the possibility of Tereleptils, Ogrons, Draconians and Haemovores in the line too. So a lot of classic stuff could be on the way in this smaller scale. Of course, we already know that a 12th Doctor in his costume from The Caretaker and also the Mummy are on the way from series 8. 

Dewar also remarks that something will be coming from Toys R Us, but no indication as to what. Sadly, there is no further update on the status of the website exclusive classic 5" figures... So who knows whether that will get the green light or not.

More news as it comes! 

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  1. Once, again showing that those in charge are clueless. They had the cheek to complain that the 5" line wasn't selling. Gee, I wonder why! If they weren't filling half of their waves with figures of characters nobody wanted to see, they were releasing the same figures over & over again with slight variations. How many Season 12 Tom Bakers & Series 5 Matt Smiths did we need? You can guarantee if a Night of the Doctor McGann or a series 8 Capaldi appeared in the 5" scale, they would sell out.