Monday, 19 January 2015

Scarecrow for Wave 5 of DC Collectible's Batman Animated Line

Hot on the heel's of Roxy Rocket's reveal, DC Collectibles have released an image of the first figure from the range's fifth wave - Scarecrow!

Based on his appearance from The New Batman Adventures, this version of the character features a drastic redesign from the original 1992 series. There's something more undead about this version, complete with a macabre noose around the neck. Bruce Timm was so impressed with this design that he never wanted to see Jonathan Crane out of costume again so that there would be some mystery as to whether Scarecrow was human at all...

There's no news as to which specific episode this figure is from or what accessories he will come with, but we can safely assume that his wooden staff will be one of them.

There are still two more TNBA figures to be revealed as well as an TAS figure. More news as it comes!

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