Monday, 19 January 2015

Roxy Rocket soars into the Batman Animated line

UPDATE: UK collectors can now order her here for £29.99

Action Figure Insider have recently revealed one of the next figures in DC Collectibles' Batman Animated line, Roxy Rocket (with Rocket) from The New Batman Adventures. 

This is the first time this character has been produced as an action figure and is one of those characters who was created for the TV show before being adopted by the comic books.

As well as her Rocket, which appears to have it's own display stand as well as working lights (how cool is that?!), she comes with her Flare Gun, Electro Gun and a Wrench to whack Batman on the head with.

The figure is a special one-off deluxe release, separate from the main 'waves' of the line.

The figure is due for release in August at $39.95, so probably £40 for us UK collectors!

More updates as they come! We should be seeing more from Wave 5 onwards at Toy Fair next month!

Stay tuned for the reviews of the first wave of figures coming in February!

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