Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Doctor Who at Toy Fair 2015

London's Toy Fair is upon us and Character Options were on hand with some new products. So allow me to work through the new and upcoming products that we hope to see this year! All of the images in this article come from the Doctor Who Site, so be sure to check that page for more images.

Action Figures

Let me begin by saying that there were no 5" figures at Toy Fair, which is fair enough. I'd have been more surprised if there were. However, there were a few new insights into the 3.75" range, as well as a better look at production/packaged figures that we had only previously seen as prototypes. First off, the small DW display stands are gone. The money that went into those are being put into accessories. Well that's fair enough, I'd much rather accessories than a cheap looking stand, besides, the Daleks haven't had them since day one. 

We were given a glimpse of the Twelfth Doctor in spacesuit, complete with removable helmet. The figure will also come with two 'Spider Germs' as seen in Kill the Moon, both of which have been sculpted in different poses. Alongside this was a Tenth Doctor in the same suit but with the obligatory Sanctuary Base 6 logo on the chest. It seems that the sculpt is a scaled down version of the original 5" model, which is highly likely. 

Another Twelfth Doctor variant on display was the previously seen 'Caretaker' version. This time we were able to get a look at the front of the figure which appears to have a new torso piece that omits the cardigan, and a new sculpt for the brown coat. The details on the back pack look very impressive and also includes the microphone on wire. 

The Foretold from Mummy on the Orient Express looks to be one of the best figures from this smaller scale. The sculpting and paint details look fantastic, certainly a figure I'll be picking up when it's released. A new version of Clara from Time of the Doctor and Deep Breath was also featured, along with a mock-up for a 'yellow cardigan' variant in a future wave. 

There was also a new Cyberman, which features an improved head sculpt, especially around the eyes and mouth, and is also taller. People who went out of their way to chase down the original arm gun/glowing circle variant of wave one may be annoyed to see both of those elements on this figure, but it is a welcome sight for the less committed collector. 

Sadly there were no signs of Missy, The Eighth Doctor, or any of the other figures previously mentioned by Al Dewar because they weren't ready for display. However, mock-ups of Cyber-Danny Pink, Rusty the Dalek and the Twelfth Doctor in his burgundy shirt from Robot of Sherwood were also teased. 

Alongside the main range of figures comes a series of new series Daleks that have the ability to glide along surfaces. Again, much to the frustration of collectors who tracked down the early chase figures, these all appeared to be previously released chase variants such as Dalek Sec and the Emperor's Guard with canon arm. It is unclear whether these are in the 3.75" scale, but it does appear to be the case. 

Finally, a repaint of the Dalek Patrol Ship, now named Security Patrol Ship, was also on offer. This new black and silver livery with red piping looked rather fetching, although I'm not so sure about the red dome on the Dalek Pilot... 

Other Items

There were no Character Building figures at the show, so does this mean they've been axed? Instead, the Time Squad figures of the Tennant years are making a comeback with several re-releases and a few new characters such as the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors and Clara. 

The Sonic Screwdrivers are getting some more re-releases, although one does wonder whether the Fourth Doctor's will have the classic sounds. 

The most bizarre items were a TARDIS that seems to be some sort of answering machine, with a Flight Control TARDIS acting as a stand-in, and also something that looks like a Cyber Baby with limbs that detach when buzzed with the accompanying Sonic Screwdriver.

So there we have it, not the most exciting display as all of the real meaty stuff Al revealed on Twitter wasn't ready for the show (drat), but it did give us a better look at what to expect from Wave Four in the coming months. 

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