Sunday, 15 September 2013

God damn it Mattel!

Special thanks to Action Figure Insider for the pictures. You can see the rest here. 

Just as I thought my collecting of the Master of the Universe Classics line was over, Mattel and the Four Horsemen go and knock these out of the park!

Now those of you who follow this blog regularly may remember a post from awhile back where I cursed Mattel's hides to hades. It was all to do with certain figures only being available in the subscription and as such this meant I would have to sub because I desperately wanted said figure. A dickish move by Mattel, but then I thought I had one-upped them! You see once you buy a sub you cannot cancel it, unless you cancel your card. My card runs out in June, so I'm only buying the first few months subs and then I'm free! Any figures that are undesirable during that time will find their way onto ebay. That was until today.

At Power-Con Mattel were showing off new figures in the 2014 subscription. We already knew Scorpia was on the way, and I wanted her. We knew Blade, from that bloody awful film, was also on the way. He was an easy miss... until I saw him.

He looks amazing! This isn't some bland figure like Geldor, or something daft like Plundor, he looks badass! The detail is stunning! That chain mail looks incredible. Damn you Mattel. I shan't be selling Blade after all. 

Then there's Scorpia. Well she was a must have from the very start. She looks really cool, just like she's stepped out of the Filmation cartoon. Perfect. 
Finally there's Battle Lion! King Grayskull's trusty steed! This came totally out of nowhere! When Mattel said one of their reveals would be from the 200X cartoon, I was expecting someone like Calix, not this guy! What's really cool is that he has the modern armour, so if you think Battle Cat needs some new duds, you can easily whack this mask and saddle on him for a 200X version.

To top it all off they're teasing us with ideas for a 200X head pack, new heads of existing figures based on the modern designs. A definite must have for me. Buzz-Off and Snout Spout really need a more badass design. They look a tad too goofy for my tastes.

 So just when I think my He-Man days are pretty much over, they go and do this. God damn it Mattel.


  1. I grew up with the MotU film, and still love it for what it is, but while I've always wished for movie figures, I'm not really feeling it; ironically. While it obviously fits with the regular figure line, Blade wasn't that bulky in the actual film. Meh. I've always wished Mattel could of licensed out the movie. :/