Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Doctor Who Classics: Figures we'd Like to See - Heroes - The Fifth and Sixth Doctors

We’re back for Doctors 5 and 6 and they’re fellow companions and supporting characters! So let’s take a look!

The mouth on legs! I’d assume they’d go for the air hostess gear as that has the most re-release potential. Perhaps they could alter it in such a way as to repaint/tweak it to make a ‘leathers’ version, which could be released with a Dalek, rotocast Tractator etc.

I expect the easiest option for our lady of Traken is to release her in here Traken outfit. This could be easily tweaked to have one release in skirt and the other in trousers. Stick her with an Ainley Master in his proper costume!

Well this one is easy! A new head on the James Lester figure from Primeval. A little tweak to alter his shirt collar and you’re sorted. Could be released with any number of monsters from seasons 20-21.

Well he has to pop up somewhere. I left him off the 4th Doctor list because Adric had more stories with Davison. Saying that though, Adric was less annoying when he was with Tom. Ah well. This guy could be packaged with a few different things. Marshmen and the Tereleptil Android seem quite fitting, well that and a Cyberman. Perhaps a badge-less variant could be packaged with a Cyber Leader?

Well why not? He may have been stuck in the Tardis cupboard for an entire season, but you have to admit he’d make a pretty cool looking action figure! They could stick him with the Master in his actual proper costume, or in the suit again. So long as it’s not that bizarre sparkly prototype that thankfully got the chop.

Fifth Doctor

There’s a few occasions where the Doctor is wandering around in his cricket whites sans coat, Black Orchid being an obvious one. If this was to happen the sculpt could be repainted to reflect either season and could be packaged with a variety of monsters.

Seen once in Planet of Fire this would be a fun variant, which could also see a re-release minus the waistcoat as the Doctor wandered around without it for most of the story. Packaged with the Master or Kamelion perhaps?

Harlequin Costume
I’d love this! I think it would great! An interchangeable head would be brilliant so you could either display it as the Doctor or George Cranleigh in disguise…

Sixth Doctor

Red plaid waistcoat blue tie/red tie
A simple set of repaints that could be packaged with something from the Trial of a Time Lord season.

Spanish Holiday
I’ve seen some great customs of this one! Open Hawaiian waistcoat with neck tie tucked into the trouser pocket. Brilliant! Stick him with a Sontaran! 

Big Finish
I don’t want this one particularly, but it has been considered. Not to be confused with the blue Real Time version, this variant comes in a darker shade of blue and retains the patchwork and plaid patterns of the TV coat. Packaged with… I don’t know… Frobisher? Evelyn? Actually, that would be rather cool…

That’s it for this week! Join me next week as I wrap up the series with a the 7th and 8th Doctors and their companions! Until next time! 

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