Monday, 16 September 2013

By the Power of Grayskull!!!!!!!!

What, more He-Man!? Yeah, sorry about that Whovians but this is too cool not to talk about. Mattel's upcoming Castle Grayskull playset, in scale with the 6" Classics figures. Now this thing stands over 20" tall, and just to give you an idea of just how huge this thing is...

On the left is the new playset alongside the Vintage, 200X and Iconic Heroes versions. Outside of the new castle you can see a little green guy, Castle Grayskullman to the uninformed, who is 6". So from that you can do the maths on just how massive this thing is! 

Just to show you how huge this thing is when you open it up... (Image courtesy of

I'm going to need a whole room to display this thing!? Now it doesn't come with everything you see here, and some of the figures have been displayed in some pretty cookey ways, but you get the idea. Off the top of my head the castle features:
  • Working Elevator
  • Opening Jawbridge, unlocked by the Power Sword
  • Two secret doors
  • Trap Door
  • Dungeon
  • Secret chamber housing the Orb of power
  • Throne, flag and turret
  • Ladder, two new weapons, combat training device, jetpack
  • Assorted clips to house weapons, metal chains to lock up intruders
As I say there could be more, but this is all I can remember off the top of my head. It looks incredible and I can't wait for it to arrive in time for Christmas!
If that's not enough, the box art is beautiful. Utterly stunning work!

Note the man 'playing' with the castle in the bottom left image, after all this is an Adult Collector line!

Fantastic stuff! I may have to review it when it reaches blighty!

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