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Doctor Who Classics: Figures we'd Like to See - Heroes - The Third and Fourth Doctors

So we have ourselves Jo, Leela and K-9 (albeit the wrong colour) but what of the other companions of the 70s? What about Doctors Pertwee and Baker? What possible variants can we see of them? Well let’s find out!

The Companions

Sarah Jane Smith
Obviously the top choice and I am still baffled as to why we don’t have a figure of her in the classics yet. By far the most popular classic series companion. Elisabeth Sladen’s passing came as a huge shock to us in 2011. I still cannot quite get my head around her being gone. As one of stalwarts of Doctor Who, you expect someone like that to be around forever.

Al Dewar mentioned that should they ever release Sarah they’d go for her combat gear from ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ and ‘Revenge of the Cybermen’ because of the opportunity to release her in two sets. I’m not sure how that could be tweaked for other versions though, it probably can’t. Personally I’d have liked to see her in her pink top from ‘The Android Invasion’ as that allows for a release of Android Sarah too. Lots of people are desperate for a release in her Andy Pandy outfit, but personally I’d love to see a ‘Planet of Evil’ variant.

Romana II
The problem with Tom Baker playing the Doctor for seven years is that each particular of mini-era within his tenure lends itself to a particular companion. For season 17 and 18 it was Romana played by Lalla Ward, and of course in Season 16 played by the lovely Mary Tamm. Lalla Ward’s portrayal seems to be the most popular, but when it comes to action figures she seems rather tricky! She never wore the same outfit twice! Everything was so different! Now I know people want her in her beach gear from ‘The Leisure Hive’ or her Catholic School girl attire from ‘City of Death’, but I’d like to see her in her outfit from ‘Destiny of the Daleks’. I’ve always loved the idea that it is the female mirror image of the Doctor’s costume. It shows they are both on the same level, and I like that. I think the shirt aspect could be replaced with another piece and the whole thing repainted to produce her horse riding costume from ‘The Horns of Nimon’. It probably wouldn’t be 100% accurate, but needs must.

Harry Sullivan
Another fan favourite that I can’t believe we don’t have. I’d have loved for Harry to have stayed on for another season. The team up of him, Sarah and the Doctor is fantastic. A handy thing about Harry is that he pretty  much wore the same costume in every single story he was in. They could probably tweak it by adding a duffle coat for a ‘Sontaran Experiment’/’Genesis of the Daleks’ version. But pack him with a Zygon or any foe from Season 12 and you have yourselves a pretty good two-pack!

Sergeant Benton and Captain Yates
There is no excuse as to why these two cannot happen! Now that we have the Brigadier in his officer clothes, these two can use the same sculpt. With the teeniest of tweaks and a new head you have two new figures. I know many would like some generic UNIT soldiers, and I’d be happy to see them too! These two are must, must haves, just what we need to create a full UNIT family for the third Doctor.

Liz Shaw
I’ve always been somewhat indifferent to Liz Shaw. I think part of the problem is that sadly the late Caroline John only did one season. That’s not to say I wouldn’t want to see her in action figure form, after all she was the third Doctor’s first companion. Sadly her costumes were always different, but I think a generic dress that can be repainted or tweaked is the best option. Something from the likes of ‘Inferno’ or ‘The Ambassadors of Death’. Packaged with a Primord or an Ambassador would be very cool.

Romana I
Somewhat overshadowed by Lalla Ward, I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Tamm when I was about eleven/twelve. Much like others on this list, Romana had a thing for fashion and wore different outfits in each appearance. However her costume from ‘The Ribos Operation’ and ‘The Armageddon Factor’ are rather similar. Paint it red and you might even get away with a version from ‘The Stones of Blood’.

Jago and Litefoot
Now I’m sure some people might be asking “Who?” but these chaps have had a long lasting legacy. It is especially nice to know that Big Finish has given us the spin-off series we’ve always wanted. The bumbling antics of this doctor and theatre manager add to the brilliant story that is ‘The Talons of Weng-Chaing’. These two would never ever happen. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream! I’m sure some tweaks to the Primeval suited figure could be made to make these guys work…

The Brigadier – Season 7
Yes I know we have a lot of Brigadier action figures, and from what I hear through the grapevine a fourth variant may have been sculpted, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Brigadier in his Season 7 costume (yes, the same as in ‘The Invasion’) Perhaps the first Captain Jack figure could be tweaked here? If so the body could also be used for an early Sergeant Benton too.

Jo Grant – Day of the Daleks
Heh, a guilty pleasure.

UNIT Grunts
A few of these would be marvellous! Especially with an ever growing core UNIT family!

Time Lords and Chancellery Guards
Well we have a Time Lord body, a slight tweak/repaint and we can have a full blown classic version. Tweak the face and they could release a variety of colour variations like Dapol did back in the day. A couple of Chancellery Guards could utilise the Sharaz Jek body with some alterations.

The Third Doctor

Now before I go into detail know this, I have come to terms with the fact we shall never see a new sculpted jacket for the Third Doctor. It’s sad that these figures aren’t going to be 100% accurate compared to some of the others, but if a repaint is the only way then it’s the only way. So let’s begin…

Red Jacket
Easily the most wanted variant. I see it everywhere! This is the one people want and yet we still don’t have it! Now of course there are a number of variations of this outfit. A ton! But we now have both boots and shoes legs, bow tie, cravat, and thanks to the regeneration 4th Doctor a plain frilly shirt sculpt. It may not be 100% accurate, but at this stage it’s no doubt as good as we’re going to get.  All that is missing is the jacket, but I’ve already explained that. So here are a few of the red jacket figures we could see and how they could work.

1. Plain frilly shirt with Purple cloak: As seen in ‘Terror of the Autons’ and ‘The Mind of Evil’. As I said before, we have all the pieces; just give it a lick of paint and package him with a Carnival Auton or a rotocast Keller machine! It could even be part of a ‘Day of the Daleks’ set!

2. Paisley Cravat and Purple cloak: Same as before but this time using a different shirt sculpt. Packaged with a Mutt! Go on! Please! Make a bloody Mutt!

Orange Smoking Jacket
Again another repaint, but also with many opportunities for a few tweaked re-releases. Here are a few:

1. Plain frilly shirt with Tartan cloak: I want this one desperately! Why? Well I want that bloody cloak! I really wanted it when the ‘Green Death’ third Doctor was released! So yes please, thank you! Stick this variant with a rotocast cast of ‘The Curse of Peladon’, or to make life cheaper still retool the back of the Ice Warrior, sort out his wrist gun and give him a Sonic Rifle! Izlyr would be an added bonus. This one could get a re-release from a ‘Time Monster’ set. Packaged with Kronos? Yes, I don’t particularly want Kronos either, but at least we can give that time detector that came with the Master and Tardis to a Third Doctor figure.

2. Bow tie and Blue cloak: From ‘The Three Doctors’ this time. Another one a lot of people are clawing for! I’d happily see them package this with another Gel Guard if need be.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs – Blue Jacket and Shirt with Bow Tie and Plaid Cloak
Now we know this one was developed! Originally intended as part of a second 11 Doctors Set, this one should happen on the basis that it is a simple repaint… and it would be 100% accurate! Yes! The cut of the jacket etc it’s all there! Perfect! Probably the reason why they chose that sculpt, it has a variety of possible variants! Now I’m unsure as to how they could release this. But, BUT I would be happy for them to stick this figure with a Primeval Dinosaur. Even if it didn’t happen in the episode, it would appeal to kids (they love dinosaurs) and it would mean we get out proper variant and can act out a scene from that story that didn’t happen, but we wish it did. Everyone wins!

Blue Jacket with Plain Frilly Shirt
Another one that could act as either part of a ‘Terror of the Autons’ set or a ‘Claws of Axos’ set. Perhaps it could feature a standard Auton? Or possibly another large Axon? After all, I know people would be happy for another one of those.

Monster of Peladon – Dark Green Jacket, Shirt with Bow Tie
Another one off here, but another that actually looks fairly accurate with the sculpt we have. A simple repaint, packaged with either the retooled Ice Warrior I mentioned before in darker colours, or with Azaxyr, Alpha Centauri rotocast… there’s a few possibilities.

Planet of the Spiders – Black Jacket, blue shirt and Bow tie (also without)
Another pretty accurate repaint. This has more of a chance given the Regeneration Fourth Doctor (seriously, if anyone wants to part with this one then please give me a shout). With or without bowtie, or both and add a few giant spiders please!

Five Doctors
I said it before, if Character Building can get one… but yes, I’d like to see this. Either packaged with a Cyber Leader, a Raston Warrior Robot or Ainley Master. Very nice!

Green Jacket with Green Shirt and Bow Tie
“Eh!? We’ve already got two green ones!” Yes, but this is another variant and also works as a clever ploy for a ‘Frontier in Space’ set complete with Ogrons, Draconian and accurate Supreme Dalek! At least that is how it works in my dreams. But a gun metal grey Dalek wouldn’t go a miss either.

Caving/Mining Outfits
Now this one could actually happen! If it meant a Silurian, then yes please! Just repaint the Auton to match either the colours of the overalls in ‘Doctor Who and the Silurians’ and/or ‘The Green Death’ and stick Pertwee’s head on it! I’d even forgive them for not retooling the head to include a helmet! But that would be preferred, obviously. Even if they don’t include the finer details, it’s still pretty close.

Milkman/ Doris the Cleaning Lady
Only joking!

The Fourth Doctor

Talons of Weng-Chiang – Sherlock Holmes outfit
So many people want this. I’d love it. Package it with Magnus Greel and Mr Sin again, I don’t care! But this would be lovely. Sadly I think it would be way too much new tooling for it to ever happen.

Season 16/17 – Beige Coat – Improved
The missing figure from the Toys R Us Doctor/Dalek sets. Now I’m not in a rush for this one, so long as we do it get it! Sadly I fear we’ve lost our chance at getting a fully detailed version (still no lapels though). If not, crack out the paints and get customising!

Season 16/17 – Brown Coat and Spotty Waistcoat
An easy repaint of the ‘Destiny of the Daleks’/’City of Death’ figure.

‘Face of Evil’/’Robots of Death’ – Brown Coat and Boots
Now it may be the same burgundy purple or it may not. That coat has magical powers. An easy repaint of the ‘Pyramids of Mars’ figure, probably packaged with Leela and/or a Voc Robot. I’m sure our American cousins who weren’t able to get their hands on the ‘Pyramids of Mars’ release would be grateful of this one.

Season 18 – Shoes and Socks with/without Hat
Another missing figure from the discarded 11 Doctors Box Set number two. The sculpts are there and it could easily see a few releases with and without hat. Two bad it’s too late for the Regeneration Fifth Doctors.

Time Lord Robes
A head sculpt retool and some alterations to the previous Time Lord body perhaps? Probably more complex than that, but I’d be happy to see it.

Deadly Assassin
We’ve got the perfect leg/boot combo on the Season 18 figures, and the arms from Professor Yana. A new chest and we have a new variant, one I’d be very happy to see given my love of ‘The Deadly Assassin’.

Coatless (Various)
Well we have one from Season 18 so why not a few more? These could easily be packaged with a variety of different monsters.

Another figure that we know has been reached prototype stage. Will we see it? Time will tell, it always does.

Join me next time when we take a look at the companions and variants from Doctors 5 and 6!


  1. Excellent list. Can't wait to see the 80's!

  2. Why did the discard the second eleven Doctor's set,Matt? Also do you wish they would release Jo form Day of the Daleks and include her red knickers?

  3. There are 'a lot of Brigadier action figures', but if you JUST want the Brig (not Jo, or the Master or some monster or other), you're screwed. I just don't want to pay the amount these 3-packs go for, when I only want one of the figures.
    So a stand-alone Brigadier would be fantastic.

  4. I would love to have Harry's figure. So much. And classic Sarah, it's really missing. So many versions of older one, but no younger. (Set of Harry, Sarah and some enemy would be great.) Benton, Romana I and Liz - I would totaly buy them. And some Time Lord would be nice too (or the Fourth in Time Lord's robe).