Saturday, 5 July 2014

Doctor Who: 8th Doctor Season Three - Filming Concludes

I can almost hear the soundtrack of Logopolis playing in my ears like a funeral march. However this time it's not Tom Baker lying on the floor, in fact there's no lying down to be had whatsoever but the sentiment remains as this evening I filmed my last scene of Doctor Who.

I was expecting there to be a huge sigh of relief when this eventual ending came, after all I have been filming this particular series for over a year and it has had its fair share of problems from the off, but in actuality there is an air of sadness. No longer will I record the Doctor walking out of the TARDIS, using a piece of blutack to prop open those bloody spring loaded doors. Never again shall I make a Dalek spin around as its eye stalk gets blown off by Staser fire. For now, this really is the end...

But not really, I still have tons of editing to do as post-production concludes on The Gates of Elysium part one! I'm going to have Daleks and all sorts blaring in my ears for at least another month or so! I am incredibly excited about this final series, and I hope and pray that when these last episodes hit YouTube you fine folks at home will enjoy them just as much as I have enjoyed producing them. Only three people other than myself know how the series ends, which is pretty damned good seeing as this series has such a larger cast and crew than normal! Even Chris Clark our CGI animator had no idea what was going on in the stories he was providing sequences for!

So for now I share with you behind the scenes shots from my last scene. Nothing too exciting, but then if I left the exciting bits in you'd have nothing to look forward to! So as we prepare to meet our new Doctor in the form of Peter Capaldi, prepare to say goodbye to the 8th Doctor... It's going to be a bumpy ride...

Who or what will fill this frame?

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  1. So no more Doctor Who stories?... ever?

  2. How do you get your sets to stand up?

  3. How do you usually keep your sets standing up?