Thursday, 24 July 2014

Batman the Animated Series - Waves Three and Four revealed at SDCC

Courtesy of Action Figure Insider  we have a better look at DC Collectibles upcoming action figure line based on Batman the Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures, as well as what's to come in the third and fourth wave.

Coming in Wave Three are Harley Quinn (BTAS), Killer Croc with Baby Doll, the Creeper and Robin, all of which are from TNBA. It's great to have Harley to go with Puddin so soon after his release, but I am rather surprised at the inclusion of the Creeper so early into the line (although I do love that episode) and Robin is also a surprise given the BTAS version only came out in the previous wave. Still, it's going to be good having the correct Robin standing with wave one's Batman! I'm also liking the look of Croc, even though I'm not a fan or the redesign, and the inclusion of Baby Doll, one of the show's weirder inventions, is an absolute delight! It also marks the first time her character has been released as an action figure. According to the display these figures will be released March 2015.

Wave Four moves back to my prefered BTAS style, with Batman, the Riddler, the Penguin, and Batgirl in her TNBA design. This is an absolute killer wave! I've been desperately awaiting the announcement of this version of Batman and I'm sure he won't disappoint!

According to AFI's report, a secret table that was not allowed to be photographed featured Roxy Rocket's titular ride! This is incredibly exciting! A great character invented for the show and her first time in plastic! This is what I was looking forward to from this line, not just our common favourites but the characters who have never had that much coverage in other media or as figures.

As an added bonus, wave one's Batman was displayed with an alternate cape with loose shoulders. This will put aside any fears of limited poseability! I would expect that wave four's Batman will have something similar, most likely a more covered version.

Check out AFI for the full coverage!

You can now pre-order the first two waves from FPI. Expect reviews when the figures are released!

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