Friday, 20 June 2014

New 5" Doctor Who Figures on the way!

Lots of new figures announced from both the classic and present series of Doctor Who, and all in the original 5" scale!

First up we have a very exciting figure from Matt Smith's final story, The Time of the Doctor. The Eleventh Doctor in his costume as worn throughout series 7 has finally turned up in the 5" range! The figure comes with three interchangeable heads, standard 11th Doctor, aged 11th Doctor and more importantly, Peter Capaldi/12th Doctor head! Does this mean a 5" 12th Doctor figure is a possibility? Let's hope so! The figure also includes the Doctor's walking stick, Sonic Screwdriver and Handles (can we have the rest of the Cyberman body to go with it please?)!

The figure comes packaged in a special TARDIS themed window box. Is this the 2014 SDCC exclusive? Perhaps. Nothing on FPI yet, but I'm sure it won't be long before a pre-order arrives.

Next we have Ace from Silver Nemesis. It's the standard figure as seen in the single release from last year, complete with jacket and alternate arms. However, her shirt has been repainted to look as it does in the story and she also comes with her boombox  and “Ace” framed portrait. Not really a figure to get too excited about, but a nice release for those who may have missed the original. 

Finally, a set of various battered Daleks from Asylum of the Daleks is also due for release. Repaints with a dirty wash and 'reject' stamps painted on them. This is probably the B & M set that has been talked about for quite some time. 

More info as it comes! 


  1. I think Ace has a different hairstyle (ponytail) and different earrings(hoops)! :) I plan on buying all three of these!

  2. Where did these images come from?

  3. Im actually very excited for the matt smith even though i loathed time of the doctor