Thursday, 5 June 2014

BatmanMarch and Doctor Who Online Adventures Cross Promotion

A big update for the site as BatmanMarch is now cross promoting with Doctor Who Online Adventures!

Matthew Toffolo of BatmanMarch Productions says: “As two of the longest running action figure series on YouTube, it seems fitting that Doctor Who: Action Figure Adventures and Doctor Who: Online Adventures should come together to promote the alternate adventures of our favourite time traveller. While the 7th Doctor battles new evils in DWOA, the 8th Doctor is forced to take sides in a war that only he can end in DWAFA - 2014 is a big year for both of the Doctor’s incarnations!”

Brendan Sheppard, Series Producer of DWOA and owner of Planetary Productions says “When people first saw action figure stories on YouTube I’m sure they must have thought that the format wouldn’t work or be engaging people both young and old, I think BatmanMarch and Planetary Productions have proven time and time again that in fact this method of producing programmes maybe new and have certain limitations but it can be engaging and it can be entertaining. We are so excited that BatmanMarch and DWOA have come together like this – who knows – with Matthew starring in an episode a little later in Series 6 it maybe time for a team up… Ooh that would be interesting!”

You can now access DWOA site via the link to the right or by clicking the banner below:

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