Friday, 3 January 2014

No more from Bif Bang Pow

Bif Bang Pow has lost the license to produce Doctor Who merchandise, it was revealed today. 

Our license with BBC America to produce Doctor Who merchandise has expired. While we’ll miss the good Doctor, his adversaries and allies, we are excited to shift our resources to focus on an array of fantastic new items from other top brands and licensors.
Our remaining inventory can be found at . No additional announced or unannounced items will be produced.

It's a shame that the retro style Doctor Who figures have come to an end, especially given the interesting characters they intended to release. 

1 comment:

  1. Is this the start of things to come??

    I wonder if the BBC licensing arm have upped the cost of the license to the extent that its not in Bif Bang Pow best financial interests to carry on with this line...?

    I remember a similar situation when Harlequin Miniatures were producing a very successful line in Doctor Who miniatures for a few years and then suddenly they announced that that the license had expired, which as it turned out was due to the raised cost of the license and that it wasn't in their best interests to carry on production of the said line.

    Lets see what happens at Character Options.........