Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Doctor Who Action Figures 3.75" - Wave Two Revealed

Here we are folks, the first image of Wave Two of the 3.75"! Now I know many people disliked Wave One, and although I only bought two figures from the wave I didn't think they were too bad. However, the same can't quite be said of this new selection. 

Regenerated Twelfth Doctor: Looks like Peter Capaldi is doing his best David Tennant impression. Seriously, what's with that expression? Granted we've seen him for a total of about 30 seconds on screen, but a more "Grrrrr! Eyebrows!" expression probably would have suited the figure more. Or maybe kids wouldn't buy the toy because he'd look like an angry old man? A few new pieces but a lot of reused parts.

Series 6 Eleventh Doctor: Well this one looks pretty good. Same head and legs, but new arms and- what the heck is he doing wearing a waistcoat!?! Seriously, what is that about? Now I get reusing parts to keeps costs down, it's a good way to do things but only when the parts actually resemble the onscreen appearance! What is this? The midway change between costumes? Whoever thought "Meh, yeah let's just release it like that" needs the sack. Now for all we know this might just be a prototype. But they look production to me, so I guess we get this bizarre variant. 

Clara: Just a new hair sculpt and possibly a new jacket? Pfff, who cares. Looks less like Jenna Coleman than ever. 

Screaming Angel: Not bad, looks pretty good. 

Zygon: Oh my... It looks like Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo has gone looking for other television work. Perhaps it's lighting, perhaps it's not this Zygon's most photogenic side... Nah, it looks like dog's mess. 

Daleks: Can't go wrong here. Nice to see the Emperor's Guard complete with canon arm thing. 

So not a good start I must say. All I have left to say is thank God they didn't put any classic Doctors/monsters in this line. Really underwhelming, which is sad because had they improved I might have been more inclined to dip into it. I'll keep my cash for other things. 


  1. I've said it once I'll say it again. I hate the 3.75 figures and as for that Capaldi figure, it's an abosolute abomination!

  2. under closer examination, the Zygon does in fact.....yeah, look like Mr Hankey the Christmas poo

    FAIL character options, FAIL

  3. Oh dear - that Zygon looks appalling, as does Clara. Have they given up with the toys a bit? Seems odd that they changed the sizes too, but have been a bit behind the times on this.