Friday, 22 July 2016

13 Doctors Action Figure Set Revealed at SDCC 2016

Word had been floating around that something 'big' was coming from Underground Toys and yesterday they didn't disappoint as they revealed a whopping great set of 13 new Doctor repaints in the much loved 5.5" Collector Series scale.

The set appears to include the following:

- 1st Doctor from The Web Planet (although it does seem to have trousers from his later stories)
- 2nd Doctor from The Two Doctors
- 3rd Doctor from The Time Monster (actually it's The Three Doctors because of the bow tie)
- 4th Doctor from Logopolis (more accurate scarf pattern and darker colours)
- 5th Doctor from The Awakening (new version of the season 21 trousers and dirty trainers)
- 6th Doctor from Big Finish covers
- 7th Doctor from Ghost Light (greener trousers, scarf and handkerchief)
- 8th Doctor from The Night of the Doctor (dirty and battle damaged)
- War Doctor from The Day of the Doctor (new colours based on nothing in particular)
- 9th Doctor from The Parting of the Ways (purple/blue jumper actually from Aliens of London)
- 10th Doctor from The Shakespeare Code (slightly different colours)
- 11th Doctor from The Beast Below (slightly different colours)
- 12th Doctor from Deep Breath (actually from Time Heist with a dark blue shirt)

No news on when or where it will be available or how much it will cost. More info as it comes!


  1. First 3 doctors look very exciting, but none of the rest do. McCoy is a massive missed opportunity, we want a normal face and hat desgin now!

  2. It would have been cool if the McCoy figure was from the TV Movie. I want a figure of that so bad! Plus check out my blog

  3. Holy Sh*t! I cannot wait to buy this!