Thursday, 31 March 2016

New Classic Doctor Who Action Figures from B&M Stores?

According to WHONA we may not have too long to wait before the next selection of classic Doctor Who figures. The supplier explains that a new Third Doctor three-pack will be released as a B&M exclusive in the UK and via Underground Toys in the US, all under the new Collector Range banner.

Although the set features no brand new figures, it does feature two new repaints. Firstly is the Third Doctor from Invasion of the Dinosaurs, which was originally planned for release in the canceled 11 Doctors Boxset Two. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to have the Doctor's cloak as the original leaked prototype did, but it does mark the third time this sculpt is 100% accurate to the costume it's portraying.

Secondly we have a new Jo Grant, based on her appearance in The Time Monster. This also add credit to a previous remark made by actress Katy Manning that three figures of her character would be released. The last figure in the set is the Master, as portrayed by Roger Delgado, which is a straight re-release.

Current suggestions are that the set will appear in May/June, so keep your eyes open. Hopefully this will be the first of three sets as in the past B&M have issued three figure sets at a time. If this set also follows the same B&M tradition of being around £12.99 - £15, that will be quite a bargain, especially for those who missed out on previous releases.

More updates to come!


  1. I love the bnm bargains releases. Especially classic releases!

  2. Thanks guys - this post made my day! I have been after the classic Master figure for ages now - it is around but ridiculously expensive, especially when you add the insane postage rates often attached to sent it to me here in Australia.
    Big fan of the Third Doctor era so can't wait - now where's our 70's Silurian?

  3. The Jo costume is wrong, she had short sleeves in that episode