Friday, 25 September 2015

Hey Missy! Two new 5" scale Missy figures exclusive from Character-Online!

In an announcement video released yesterday, Al Dewar revealed that two new figures would be joining the new 5.5" Collectors Series - Missy in both Purple and Black outfits.

Both figures come with her umbrella and iPhone style accessory, and each has a removable head allowing you to swap between the two figures.

There are only 4000 of each variant available worldwide and as a fan favourite she is sure to sell out fast. The figure is due to arrive in November and the UK edition features a slightly different packaging design.

You can order now from

Check out the full press release and the video below!

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  1. What's your initial thoughts on these figures? I have order just the purple one because the i don't like the face of the other. Plus i much prefer the costume, more details etc!