Saturday, 20 June 2015

Doctor Who Figure Updates: 3.75" Into the Dalek set and possible 5" 12th Doctor variants?

Argos finally revealed an image of their upcoming Into the Dalek Time Zone set priced at £49.99. The set includes the 12th Doctor, a new version of Clara as seen in The Time of the Doctor and Deep Breath as well as a standard bronze Dalek, a black Dalek Sec-like Dalek with black and red hovabout (akin to the US Stealth ship) and an exclusive electronic 'Rusty' Dalek, which glides. The set also includes the usual cardboard playset featuring a balcony and card board version of the machine used to shrink the Doctor and Clara. Overall it sounds like a very impressive set considering the price point.

Finally it is worth mentioning that US based store WhoNA has revealed they have been offered a variety of four 5" 12th Doctor variants:

"We have been solicited (offered for sale) for 4 different types of 5″ 12th Doctor figures – Black outfit, Red outfit, White outfit and a Polka Dot outfit. No other details just yet as to when arriving or pricing – we will just have to wait for more information."

This news comes just after WhoNA explained there would be no SDCC exclusive figure this year.

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