Thursday, 16 April 2015

Throwback Thursday Reviews - Coming Soon!

Remember this advert? 2006 was a fantastic time to be a Doctor Who fan, especially if you liked toys. 
In last Saturday's review of the BBC Shop's Rory Williams I asked people if they would be interested in me going back to review older figures from the 5" line. As you all know I never reviewed the New Series figures that were being released at the time (despite collecting the majority of them) because it was something other YouTubers had covered. However, this new series will be not only be a review of the figure as per my other reviews but also talk about some of the nostalgic value. Very often I take a look at those figures and I can clearly remember the excitement of going out to buy them with whomever and when they were first announced etc.

So please join me next Thursday at 4pm GMT as I take a look at one of the early figures from the line! It's going to be something of a lucky dip, choosing figures in a fairly random fashion (so don't expect me to chronicle the figures from the Dalek Battle Packs onwards. I shall leave that to these excellent posts by Jonathon Carley!) These should run fairly regularly, unless something new comes out and I review that at the same time on a Wednesday. 

As well as this, the new reviews with Billy and the He-Man episode, there are a couple of other ideas for new videos being thrown around that I hope to announce soon! Stay tuned guys! 

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