Friday, 29 August 2014

New 3.75" Doctor Who Figures Revealed

New production images of upcoming 3.75" figures have been released on Twitter.

Among them are:
The Twelfth Doctor
Two new variants of Amy Pond
Supreme Dalek from Day of the Daleks
Drone and Mutant Scoop Daleks from Power of the Daleks
Dalek Alpha and a gold and silver Dalek from Children of the Revolution
New Series Daleks in classic silver and blue livery and black and silver Supreme livery, strangely entitled Dalek Invasion of Earth

The latter set isn't based on anything televised or in any expanded universe. What makes it even stranger is the fact it has been dubbed Dalek Invasion of Earth. Regardless, they do look very nice and are definitely tempting, especially to someone like me who had no interest in this new line.

Prototype Mutant Scoop Dalek (Mutant will be painted green)

Also within the images are a better glimpse at the classic series remote control K9.

More news as it comes.


  1. feels like a death sentence for the 5inch classic range as well as the 5inch new who range. Worrying.

  2. What colors are the other Daleks in Children of the Revolution? Just in case I wanna do customs.

  3. Why not 5 inch? I think 5 inch figures are very quickly dying out.

  4. If classic dr who is going to be 3.75 ill be very angry ,but the figures look good and i might get the genesis dalek to go with the smaller daleks just to colect

  5. If the classic figures ar in 3.75 ill be very angry but they still like good and i mite get the genesis dalek just for the collection

  6. I didn't even know that a classic K9 was going to be available! Does anyone know what scale and how much is it?!?

  7. I will never buy a 3.75 inch figure. I want to continue buy the 5 inch figures. I want the current Doctor, The current Master, The current Cybermen and Daleks but also I want the gaps filled in like the Wheel in Space Cyberman and the Sixth Doctor era Cyber Leader. It's teeth grindingly annoying.